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The intacs assessor certification scheme has been spread its service and support over many countries in the world.

Trainings and Exams are usually developed in English, but translation to local guide is available for many languages

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Announcement of EuroSPI 2020

The EuroSPI 2020 conference takes place 9-11 September 2020, hosted by Hochschule Düsseldorf, with key notes and papers about Assessment, Functional Safety, Cyber Security, new SW paradigms like AI and Big Data etc.

The conference is planned as a mixed event, with people onsite, and the technology in the rooms to connect people online. A technology requirements list and plan has been set up and will be implemented to enable the mixed event.

Online participation is only 50% of the onsite price. It is still 50% since the online technology and servers need to be set up, the book is produced and the web portals will provide access to materials.

As intacs-accepted event assessors attending get an EE-EP evidence, assessors presenting or supporting get an EE-AC. And we have many intacs members attending.




Guideline for Remote Process Assessments

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are receiving several questions regarding the possibility of performing remote assessments. Is this permissible, recommended, or not?

Please find out our answer and a few recommendations in our brief Guideline for Remote Process Assessments.



intacs trainings can be carried out online

Appointments for trainings of Automotive SPICE assessors came to a complete standstill in the corona crisis and it is not foreseeable for anyone involved how many months this will take.

In a letter from March 24, 2020, the intacs Executive Board proposed to the VDA based on the Covid-19 pandemic that training courses for  Provisional Assessors and VDA Guidelines should be held online immediately. The VDA management agreed to this and wished a successful implementation. Intacs and the VDA experts have now to create a procedure for a practical and safe solution for how training courses and exams can be carried out online. This procedure is limited to October, 31st, 2020.

For companies wanting to develop or expand their assessment competence, we avoid further delays. Future assessors can use the time in the home office for developing know-how. We will inform about the further progress of the implementation and wish everyone involved good success!