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Upcoming Gate4SPICE Events

For 2020, the following events are planned. Events are held in German or English language (as announced for each event).

2020-03-12-Gate4SPICE Event "Automotive SPICE & ISO 26262: Impacts and Synergies in Assessments"

KUGLER MAAG CIE North America, on 12th March, 2020 in Troy

2020-04-03-Gate4SPICE Event "Introduction of the proposals of PAMs and PRMs for hardware and mechanical engineering""

QFD Engineering Consulting Office Ltd. on 03rd April, 2020 in Vecsés

2020-04-25-Gate4SPICE Event "Automotive SPICE® supports developing Safe (Functional Safety) & Secure (Cyber Security) vehicle"

IQI Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. on 25th April, 2020 in Bengaluru



intacs Information Letter January 2020

Dear intacs members, SPICE assessors and friends of intacs!

At the beginning of the new decade, we are pleased to share with you some news that will help you to continue your passion for quality processes.

We have introduced several intacs™ ADD-ONs as valuable extensions for Automotive SPICE®. We will present this new content to the VDA QMC and coordinate its use with our colleagues. These are new additions or application aids for existing models that are supported by intacs™ and are used according to the existing or new rules. We recommend piloting these new intacs™ ADD-ONs and giving us feedback.

We wish you an enjoyable reading and all the best for the year 2020! 

Christian Knüvener, Dr Ganji Rajesh,

intacs info management

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intacs information letter 2020-01



Agile SPICE - Guidline to support agile projects

As an intacs working group we are currently trying to answer the growing demand of agile teams on how to implement AutomotiveSPICE(r) in an agile environment. We started to bridge MAN.3 by creating practices for Agile Work Management. Get a sneak preview on the base practices and participate in the workgroup!

Weiterlesen: Agile SPICE - Guidline to support agile projects


Dear all,

The intacs working group "HW Engineering Process" is happy to announce the 1st release of the PRM/PAM. Please pay particular attention to the Scope definition.

We are happy to receive your comments and feedback. Change Requests shall be reported to us using the intacs Ticket System. Please add the prefix "HWE PRM/PAM" to the subject of your ticket. Please also note that, in order for a change request to be processed, it must contain:

  1. a detailed problem description
  2. an elaborated argumentation why a particular rationale is false or incomplete (for almost any major decision the document provides rationales and justifications).
  3. a consistend change proposal.

In October2019 we received a powerpoint file with comprehensive critique by ZF Friedrichshafen AG. This document of the working group is going to  address in 2020 for a potential of a 2nd release.