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What is SPICE?

Originally SPICE was a project funded by the European Union. The main goal of this project was to develop a counterpart to CMMI, especially focussed on Small and Medium Enterprises.

SPICE is an abbreviation and stands for "Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination".

The project was very successful and finally, the ISO issued the Standard ISO 15504 to support the future development of specific standards for all kinds of domains.

Today we have a choice from various Process Assessment Models. The focus of SPICE has widened to all Software-based Systems and to Operation and Maintenance processes.

Automotive SPICE

Automotive SPICE(r) is a domain-specific adaption of the International Standard ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE). The purpose of Automotive SPICE is the assessment of process capability. It is mainly used to evaluate the development processes of automotive suppliers of control units.

If you need access to original definition standards, you may follow this link to Automotivespice.com

Automotive SPICE is a registered trademark of the VDA-QMC.

Test SPICE V4 has been released and is a strong tool if you need to focus your Assessment to the testing area. Main benefits are:

  1. Complete Coverage of ISO/IEC 29119
  2. New process architecture allows scalability of assessments
  3. Includes agile projects with separate extension.

Following this link, you can access the TestSPICE PAM

Hardware Engineering SPICE was created to support hardware development. Its main goals were:

Creation of a process reference and assessment model for hardware development, which is

  1. compliant with ISO/330xx and ISO/IEC 15504-2
  2. aligned with Automotive SPICE® 3.1
  3. aligned with the VDA Automotive SPICE Guidelines
  4. aligned with ISO 26262-1:2018 2Ed and ISO 26262-5:2018 2Ed

Change requests for Automotive SPICE, e.g.

  1. SYS.3 does not mention “Producibility”
  2. SYS processes do not address a production interface
  3. Thermal/environmental and EMC testing  Note for SYS.4/SYS.5  (testing)

Find your copy of the latest version of Hardware SPICE here.

The purpose of this model is the creation of a process model for mechanic development which is aligned with Automotive SPICE® 3.1 and other established standards in the industry.

A significant part of the systems developed nowadays is mechatronic systems. These consist of mechanical,  electronics, and software systems and/or components. To support company internal process improvement within companies it is useful to provide processes for mechanical, electronics, software, and system development with the same base and structure. This also supports assessors in conducting SPICE assessments.

Find your copy of the Mechanical SPICE Model here.

Agile SPICE shows a set of experiences collected in agile projects and being assessed following the automotive SPICE PAM.

Intacs has worked out guidance and bridges on how to understand the automotiveSPICE definitions into the agile field.

Find our Agile SPICE ebook (free download)

This Assessment model supports the assessment of Service Management Processes (ITIL).

It includes the service areas Service Desk, Service Support, Service Delivery, Organisation Team.

Find you copy of the ISO 20000 Assessment PAM here.

The objective is to set up a scheme which provides accepted assessment results that provide a decent level of trustworthiness. If the requirements of this scheme are fulfilled a certificate can be issued. Within the scope are assessments according to IOS/IEC 15504-2 complaint PAMs for either project assessments or organizational maturity (see ISO/IEC TR 15504-7)
The   technical report of ISO/IEC 15504 Part 7 provides a framework for assessments of organisational maturity based on ISO/IEC 15504. Organisational Maturity appraisals based on CMMI / SCAMPI have already been performed for many years.
Current situation: it is hard to judge whether assessments and appraisals performed by third parties (i.e., consultancies, freelancers) reveal a necessary level of detail, rigor, and ISO/IEC 15504-2 conformance. This is especially true for Organizational Maturity assessments, for some regions in the world in particular.

In order to make such undertakings more professional and to provide clear requirements for trustworthy assessment results of ISO/IEC 15504 compliant assessments intacs has set up a working party in 2009 in response to industry feedback and requests.
The approach is as follows: offering assessment certificates once it is assured that that assessment performance was according to high quality standards and done by certified professionals, and, further,  that the assessment results were put under independent quality assurance.
What does trustworthiness imply? - three aspects:
  1. High quality standards regarding assessment method and conduct
  2. Assessment result validation by an independent and competent authority
  3. Assessment services are provided exclusively by certified individuals who adhere to a defined code of conduct

Introducing SPICE Networks

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Africa Network

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SPICE Model News

  • Agile SPICE - Guideline to support agile projects Christian Knüvener (Agile SPICE) 2019-11-27

    As an intacs working group we are currently trying to answer the growing demand of agile teams on how to implement AutomotiveSPICE(r) in an agile environment. We started to bridge MAN.3 by creating practices for Agile Work Management. Get a sneak preview on the base practices and participate in the workgroup!

  • HW PRM/PAM (Hardware SPICE) Pierre Metz (_SPICE Models) 2019-10-07

    Dear all, The intacs working group "HW Engineering Process" is happy to announce the 1st release of the PRM/PAM. Please pay particular attention to the Scope definition. We are happy to receive your comments and feedback. Change Requests shall be reported to us using the intacs Ticket System. Please add the prefix "HWE PRM/PAM" to the subject of your ticket. Please also note that, in order for a...

  • Manifesto of Software Process Improvement Thomas Schweigert (_SPICE Models) 2010-02-03

    In September 2009 a group of experts in Software Pro-cess Improvement (SPI) from all over the world gathered in connection with the EuroSPI Conference for a workshop at Universidad de Alcalá in Spain. EuroSPI's mission is to develop an experience and knowledge exchange platform for Europe where SPI practices can be discussed and exchanged and knowledge can be gathered and shared. At the workshop 15...

  • Process Assessment Model for ISO20000 Fabio Bella (_SPICE Models) 2015-10-22

    Intacs is glad to announce a new Process Assessment Model for ISO20000. The model has been created by Nehfort-IT-Consulting (www.nehfort.at) and verified by intacs for compliance with the requirements of ISO 15504 Part2. Nehfort-IT-Consulting is also conducting trainings based on the new PAM. The new PAM can be downloaded from ...

  • TestSPICE 3.0 - Testprozessmodell für agile Projekte Tomas Schweigert (TestSPICE) 2014-06-30

    Die neue Version TestSPICE 3.0 ist in der Pilotphase. Bereits heute werden die Features der weiterentwickelren Version von TestSPICE intensiv diskutiert wie der folgende Artikel aus Entwickler.de zeigt. Link zum Artikel: TestSPICE 3.0 die erste Wahl für agile...

  • TestSPICE 4.0 Released Tomas Schweigert (TestSPICE) 2019-01-03

    Nach langer Arbeit ist - ein Jahr später als geplant- Die Version 4.0 von TestSPICE endlich freigegeben. Wesentliche Neuerungen: Komplette Abdeckung von ISO/IEC 29119 Vollständige Skalierbarkeit von Assessments durch neue Prozessarchitektur Komplettierung der Agile Extention Here you can download the complate PAM: TestSPICE V4.0 Was kommt als nächstes: Ein neues Zertifizierungsschema für...

  • TestSPICE verified by intacs Administrator (TestSPICE) 2010-12-01

    Test SPICE verified by intacs Based on the need to analyse and improve test processe TestSPICE was evolved based on the experience of several companies and experienced testers. To bundle the efforts and experiences a Special Interest Group: The TestSPICE SIG was founded in July. This group is open for all interested parties and anyone is welcome to join the group and help developing the...

  • Trustworthy Assessment : Validation of Assessment Result by intacs(TM) Ravindra Nath (Trustworthy Assessments) 2010-03-08

    “State of the Art Standards” are invaluable in enhancing industry performance to new minimum thresholds. These standards guard quality, performance, and in many cases assist in assuring product reliability. Maintaining the effectiveness of a good standard requires commitment and unbiased reliable verification. intacs™, besides its commitment towards maintaining high standard of assessors’ knowledge...

  • White Paper on Process Maturity Models (SPICE, CMMI) vs. Agile published! Pierre Metz (_SPICE Models) 2014-08-05

    Dear community members,   the white paper, as announced on intacs.info and in the latest intacs newsletter, has been finished. White Paper Spice and Agile We would be happy if this contributes to answering frequently asked questions and to clarifying myths with respect to Process Maturity Models (such as SPICE and CMMI) vs Agile. We also hope that it will trigger fruitful discussions and further...

News from our SPICE Networks

  • 3rd Gate4SPICE Workshop in Beijing Sunil Kumar (Chinese Information) 2018-10-26

    尊敬的各位ASPICE评估员们和相关从业者们: VDA QMC China即将于11月26日(星期一)在北京诺富特三元酒店举办第三届Gate4SPICE...

  • 5th Gate4SPICE Workshop on 14th June in Shanghai, China Yiqun Wang (Chinese Information) 2019-05-23

    VDA QMC China will open the 5th Gate4SPICE Workshop on 14th June in Shanghai, China Speaker:...

  • 【KAATA Korean SPICE Network 1st Workshop】 Kwangho Che (Korean Information) 2019-11-26

    여러분 안녕하세요! (followed by English) Korean SPICE Network 의장 채광호입니다. 2019/12/10 제1회 KSN 워크샵을 개최하겠습니다. 지금까지 4번 컨퍼런스만...

  • 【KAATA Korean SPICE Network 3rd Official Conference】 Kwangho Che (Korean Information) 2018-11-22

    3rd Korean SPICE Network Conference in Jeju 행사개요  행 사 명: 3rd Korean SPICE Network Conference in...

  • 【Korean SPICE Network 1st Workshop held on 10th, December 2019】 Kwangho Che (Korean Information) 2019-12-20

    여러분 안녕하세요! (followed by English) Korean SPICE Network 의장 채광호입니다. 2019/12/10 제1회 KSN 워크샵을 진행했습니다. 하기에 아젠다,...

  • 【NSPICE Camp2016 開催要項】 Sunil Kumar (Japanese Information) 2016-08-14

        日時:2016年10月17日(月) 13:00 ~ 10月18日(火) 16:30場所:モンタナリゾート    宮城県岩沼市北長谷字切通1-1 グリーンピア岩沼内参加資格:日本SPICEネットワーク会員であること参加費:13,300円(宿泊費、食事代(3食)、会議参加費を含む)定員:40名テーマ:各種計画書を作ってみよう      ・構成管理計画書      ・品質保証計画書(第三者)      ・レビュー計画書      ・テスト計画書目標 :計画書作成のポイントを修得しよう       計画書の記載項目,レビューポイント     「計画書作成ガイド」を持ち帰ろう補足:  iNTACS認定Competent...

  • 【NSPICE Workshop 2015 開催要項】 Sunil Kumar (Japanese Information) 2015-08-07

    日時:2015年11月26日(木) 13:00 ~ 11月27日(金)...

  • 【第18回勉強会開催要項】 Sunil Kumar (Japanese Information) 2016-02-03

    【第18回勉強会開催要項】   日時:2016年2月5日(金) 13:00~17:00場所:パナソニックタワー    大阪市中央区城見2-1-61 地図参加資格:日本SPICEネットワーク会員であること参加費:無料     ※今期初参加の方には、年間運営協力金(第6期:500円)のご協力をお願いしています。      サーバ維持費(テキスト配布),勉強会消耗品に使用します。定員:42名内容: 今年度テーマ:何のために構成管理プロセスを実施するのだろう 1.Automotive...

  • 【第19回勉強会開催要項】 Sunil Kumar (Japanese Information) 2016-03-31

    【第6回総会開催要項】   日時:2016年4月28日(木) 13:00~13:45場所:名古屋市工業研究所    名古屋市熱田区六番三丁目4番41号 地図参加資格:日本SPICEネットワーク会員であること議題(案):(1)...

  • 10th Automotive SPIN Italia Workshop Fabio Bella (Italian Information) 2012-07-26

    The 10th Automotive SPIN Italia Workshop will be held October 25 2012 in Milano. The related Call...

  • 17th Nippon SPICE Network Study Meeting Sunil Kumar (Japanese Information) 2015-07-20

    日時:2015年7月24日(金) 13:00~17:00場所:新日鉄住金ソリューションズ株式会社    東京都中央区新川2-27-1 東京住友ツインビル東館23階 地図参加資格:日本SPICEネットワーク会員であること参加費:無料    ※今期初参加の方には、年間運営協力金(第6期:500円)のご協力をお願いしています。     サーバ維持費(テキスト配布),勉強会消耗品に使用します。定員:100名内容: 今年度テーマ:何のために構成管理プロセスを実施するのだろう 1.ご連絡   宿泊形式勉強会の企画発表     サポーターチームリーダ 2.VDA...

  • 2nd China SPICE Network Conference Yiqun Wang (Chinese Information) 2018-10-22

    尊敬的各位汽车行业质量经理,管理者以及ASPICE评估员们: Dear Automotive Q-Managers, Executives and ASPICE Assessors,...

  • 4th Gate4SPICE in China : The relationship between Confirmation Measures in ISO26262 & Automotive SPICE assessment Ravindra Nath (Chinese Information) 2018-11-05

    尊敬的各位ASPICE评估员们和相关从业者们: Dear ASPICE Assessors & relevant practitioners:   IQI China(上海先起)及IQI Consulting...

  • 4th Nippon SPICE Network Study Meeting Sunil Kumar (Japanese Information) 2011-08-08

    日本SPICEネットワーク 第4回勉強会(4th Nippon SPICE Network Study Meeting)   日程: 8月30日(火)14:30~17:30 場所:...

  • 5th Nippon SPICE Network Study Meeting Sunil Kumar (Japanese Information) 2011-11-02

    日本SPICEネットワーク 第5回勉強会(5th Nippon SPICE Network Study Meeting)   日時 :2011年11月24日(木) 14:30~17:20 場所 :新日鉄ソリューションズ株式会社...

  • Africa Peter Bölter (Africa) 2020-01-03

    Africa regional SPICE  

  • Call for Presentation of 3rd CSN Conference Yiqun Wang (Chinese Information) 2019-06-15

    The 3rd CSN Network Conference in Oct.11 2019 in Shanghai The Chinese SPICE Network are organizing the 3rd...

  • CSN 定期信息交流会 Yiqun Wang (Chinese Information) 2019-04-08

    NSPICE 大会信息分享会议 鉴于许多中国评估师没能去日本参加会议,进行横行交流和学习,特此安排了信息分享会议。 交流会地点: 中国 上海 交流会时间: 2019.4.9 报名方式:...

  • First G4S in Shanghai Sunil Kumar (Chinese Information) 2018-05-12

    尊敬的各位ASPICE评估员们和相关从业者们:   VDA QMC China即将于本月23日(星期三)在上海虹桥绿地铂瑞酒店举办首次Gate4SPICE 研讨会,此次研讨会免费开放,名额30人,如有兴趣请尽早与我们联系报名。另外请注意本次研讨会的目标参加人员为ASPICE评估员,非注册评估员如报名参加则需要提供工作的ASPICE相关度以及知识水平说明, 以确保内容的正确理解,和讨论的顺利展开。   地点:上海虹桥绿地铂瑞酒店第二&第三会议室...

  • Gate4SPICE (IndiaSPICE) RN (Indian Information) 2020-03-10

    Impact of VDA Guideline on Automotive SPICE® v3.1 assessments Bangalore on 31 August 2018 The...

  • iNTACSニュースレター2011-01 Sunil Kumar (Japanese Information) 2011-03-01

    iNTACSニュースレター2011-01号日本語版が発行されました。 intacs.infoのホームページからダウンロードすることが可能です。 次号からニュースレターを直接受信することを希望される方は、intacs.infoの ご自身のプロファイル欄にある「Newsletter」項目で「yes」を選択してください。

  • Korean SPICE Network 2nd Official Conference Kwangho Che (Korean Information) 2017-11-10

    【English Article followed by Korean Article】 제 2회 Korean SPICE Network 해외전문가 초청 세미나 - Global ASPICE...

  • Korean SPICE Network First Official Convention Kwangho Che (Korean Information) 2016-11-17

    【(사)한국첨단자동차기술협회 Korean SPICE Network 해외 전문가 초청 세미나】 【행사 목적】 - Korean SPICE 세미나 및 기능안전 네트워크 -...

  • New Website for NSPICE.NET Sunil Kumar (Japanese Information) 2012-03-19

    Nippon SPICE Network has launched its own website in Japanese Language. Please access following...

  • Next annual meeting of Automotive SPIN Italia Fabio Bella (Italian Information) 2016-11-03

    The 14th Workshop of Automotive SPIN Italia (www.automotive-spin.it) will take place in Milan at the Hotel...

  • Nippon SPICE Network Meeting - 14 Jan 2011 Pierre Metz (Japanese Information) 2011-01-12

    Date:   Jan 14, 2011 Time:   13:00 Hrs to 2030 Hrs Place:   Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research...

  • Nippon SPICE Network Meeting - May 20, 2011 Sunil Kumar (Japanese Information) 2011-04-28

    日本SPICEコミュニティ 第3回勉強会(Nippon SPICE Network Study Meeting )  日程: 5月20日(金)13:15~17:30場所: 名古屋市工業研究所    ...

  • NSPICE Conference2017 Sunil Kumar (Japanese Information) 2016-11-15

    【NSPICE Conference2017 一般発表募集】   SPICE(ISO/IEC 15504、ISO/IEC 33000シリーズ)や、Automotive...

  • NSPICE.NET 10th Annual Schedule Kazunari Tabuchi (Japanese Information) 2019-08-08

    [2019-2020]28th Regular meeting : 2019-4-20, Nagoya29th Regular meeting : 2019-8-2, TokyoNSPICE...

  • NSPICE.NET 9th Annual Schedule Kazunari Tabuchi (Japanese Information) 2018-06-13

    [2018-2019] 25th Regular meeting : 2018-4-20, Nagoya26th Regular meeting : 2018-7-20, TokyoNSPICE Camp 2018...

  • Registration for Nippon SPICE Network Members Sunil Kumar (Japanese Information) 2011-05-09

    日本SPICEネットワーク 会員登録(Nippon SPICE Network Member Registration )日本SPICEネットワークに会員登録を希望される方は、下記登録フォームに必要事項をご記入の上送信ください。...

  • Second G4S in Shanghai Sunil Kumar (Chinese Information) 2018-07-03

    尊敬的各位ASPICE评估员们和相关从业者们:VDA QMC China即将于7月13日(星期五)在上海虹桥绿地铂瑞酒店举办第二届Gate4SPICE 研讨会,此次研讨会免费开放,名额30人,如有兴趣请尽早与我们联系报名。另外请注意本次研讨会的目标参加人员为ASPICE评估员,非注册评估员如报名参加则需要提供工作的ASPICE相关度以及知识水平说明, 以确保内容的正确理解,和讨论的顺利展开。地点:上海虹桥绿地铂瑞酒店第二&第三会议室时间:2018年7月13日(星期五)09:30-18:00最新研讨会日程安排请见表格及说明,请注意,研讨会含小组讨论环节,所以将全程使用英语。完整参加后(2次签到),可获得本次研讨会的参加证书,并可据此申请EE3。欢迎您的到来! Dear ASPICE Assessors,VDA QMC China will open its...

  • VDA Automotive SYS 中国区会议 (第二届ASPICE中国区大会) Yiqun Wang (Chinese Information) 2019-03-13

    各位评估师和专家, Dear Assessors and Experts, VDA QMC China将于2019年4月3-4日在上海举办VDA Automotive SYS...