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intacs® Benefits

Individuals becoming an assessor

  1. You can be sure that you are trained by an accredited training provider with approved up-to-date training material reflecting the latest technical community knowledge.
  2. You have access to the list of these training providers and instructors.
  3. You can rely on instructors to be the most experienced assessors (Principal grade, see below) in the community who have extensive training experience.

Professional assessors/auditors

  1. You receive a recognized certificate to offer your services to otherwise inaccessible markets.
  2. You become part of an international network thereby getting early access to information about the advancing ISO/IEC 15504, new models, events, and information sources.
  3. You can actively contribute to the intacs® standards.

Industry domain experts

  1. You can have your assessment model promoted at an international level.
  2. You can get help for designing a new assessment model by capitalizing on the experiences in the international expert network.

Managers and project leaders

  1. You can rely on assessment team leaders and co-assessors who have undergone a high-level qualification path, have comparable knowledge and have sufficient experience to help to improve your business
  2. You have access to the list of certified assessors and instructors.
  3. You can be sure that personnel becomes assessors by accredited training providers with materials according to the latest technical knowledge and practical experiences.
  4. If you have doubts with an assessment performance at your site you can appeal to intacs® for an independent, objective, and confidential verification and clarification.

Certification Focus Areas

Assessor Certification

To demonstrate and validate your qualification, intacs defines a complete set of steps for interested Assessors to be followed.

  1. Training Courses with Exam
  2. Guidance to implement knowledge into practical experience
  3. Record Evidences 
  4. Certification of the above

Please contact your Certification Body (VDA-QMC or ECQA) to receive more information and to enter into the process of becoming Intacs certified Assessor. 

Working Groups

Working Groups are organized intacs projects, lead by 1 experienced Assessor with a direct connection to the Advisory Board.

Research work is the main topic of working groups, but some deal with administrative needs.

Experienced Assessors are very welcome to participate in a Working Group and help to make intacs better. 

Please contact the Working Group Leader of the desired Working Group to discuss participation 



Currently, the following training courses have been published and will be maintained by the Working Group „intacs® Training “:

  • intacs® Certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE®) -> PA
  • intacs® Certified Competent Assessor (Automotive SPICE®) -> CA
  • intacs® Introduction to VDA Automotive SPICE® Guidelines -> ASG

Currently, the following training is available but not maintained by the working group "Training". Changes shall be agreed with the related working groups of the PAM:

  • SPICE for IT Service
  • Test SPICE

For the following PAMs, we are currently developing training material. This material will be published and maintained by the related working group.

  • Mechanical SPICE
  • Hardware SPICE

If you own a valid license, you may download released training material.



Training Accreditation

Training Organization wanting to offer intacs based Training Courses and participate in the success of the Intacs Certification Scheme are invited to enter the Accreditation Process of Intacs with the following steps:

  1. Educate Trainers, i.e. Trainers need to be Intacs certified Principal Assessors
  2. Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of Intacs
  3. Develop your own Training Material or license the Intacs set of Trainer Material.
  4. Organize an observation of the trainer candidate
  5. Contact your intacs Accreditation Body (VDA-QMC or ECQA)
  6. Apply for intacs accredited Training Organization.

Contact your Accreditation Body if you have any further questions.

Community Lists

Community Data is supplied by the Certification Bodies and the users of this system. Data is supplied without any warranty of the content. You may find the following information if you follow the Link:

  1. intacs e.V. Members
  2. Regional Representatives
  3. Certified Assessors
  4. certified Instructors
  5. Executive and Advisory Board
  6. Training Provider
  7. Certification and Accreditation Bodies


Selection of Community Listings

intacs e.V. Association

intacs e.V. ist a not-for-profit organization founded in 2006 and registered in Berlin. Some organizations from the market joined this new association, especially the Bootstrap Institute.

The International Assessor Certification Scheme e.V. is a committee of experts devoted to developing ISO/IEC 15504 further and [to dealing with related] professionally employed standards and subjects. Professionals from the production industry, consulting and training firms, universities and scientific establishments as well as organizations and associations work together in the committee.

The purpose of intacs e.V. is the promotion of professional further education as well as the further development of standard ISO/IEC 15504 and [dealing with related] professionally employed standards and subjects. The purpose of these articles of association shall be served in particular as follows:

  • The support and cooperation, in terms of contents, in the development and further development of standard ISO/IEC 15504 and [related] professionally employed standards and subjects.
  • The support of accreditation and examination programs for the continued education and certification of ISO/IEC 15504 assessors, as well as assessors and related professionally employed standards. This especially includes the creation, further development and up-dating of accreditation and examination guidelines as well as the appointment of certification and accreditation bodies.
  • The creation, updating and release of syllabi and examination questions for the education and further education of assessors (experts) according to this standard as well as related professionally employed standards.

The organs of intacs e.V. are:

  1. Intacs has regular members and sponsoring members
  2. The Executive Board represents the Organization and runs the association
  3. The Member Meeting is held on yearly basis
  4. The Advisory Board is a group of Experts to manage the interest Groups and consolidate the functional opinion of intacs


Certification Center News

  • Working Group "Automation SPICE" UserSupport Admin (Working Group Information) 2023-04-24

    PURPOSE Creation of a process model for Software Automation that is aligned with ISO/IEC 15504:2012. MOTIVATION In SW development and for all supporting processes SW Automation plays an increasing role. Examples for SW Automation are: Test Automation (unit, integration, system test), Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration, configuration management etc. So far, no standard exists to...

  • Working Group "Test SPICE" UserSupport Admin (Working Group Information) 2023-02-14

     Purpose / Objective Create a critical mass of Test SPICE Assessors Achievements Draft certification scheme in discussion Next Steps Have Certification Scheme operating Have certified Test SPICE Provisionals Have new members for the WG Members Klaudia Dussa Zieger Andreas Nehfort Working Group Leader Tomas Schweigert (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript...

  • Working Group "SPICE for IT-SERVICES" Peter Bölter (Working Group Information) 2022-04-20

      This intacs working group is developing further the existing ISO-20000-PAM into an up-to-date Process Assessment Model „SPICE for IT-Services“ which will serve two purposes: 1. Managing IT Suppliers Experience with the existing PAM has shown that it is very beneficial for large organizations that purchase IT services to evaluate their IT suppliers on their ability to support their customer's...

  • Working Group "Data Management SPICE" Peter Bölter (Working Group Information) 2022-03-08

     In: Working Group Information  PURPOSE Creation of a process model for data management that is aligned with Automotive SPICE® 3.1 and other established standards in the industry. MOTIVATION Many of the current innovations in the automotive environment revolve around autonomous driving, digitization, connectivity, AI/machine learning, and new services in the context of mobility. All of these...

  • Working Group "AGILE SPICE®" Peter Bölter (Working Group Information) 2022-03-08

    PURPOSE Creation of a process model “Agile SPICE®” to reflect agile concepts, methods and practices, but only with either changed or added processes and process groups MOTIVATION Growing complexity and faster changes during development drive increased use of agile approaches. OEMs ensure the overall quality and safety/security of those products, leading to increased pressure to show Automotive...

  • Released Training Material Administrator (_Certification Center) 2020-01-08

    Information On this page you'll find the standard training material for the training courses hosted by intacs™. Currently the following trainings are available: intacs® certified Provisional Assessor intacs® certified Competent Assessor intacs® Introduction to VDA Automotive SPICE® Guidelines intacs® certified Cybersecurity for Automotive SPICE® Assessor (working title) License disclaimer: The...

  • intacs Information Letter January 2020 Christian Knüvener (International Assessor Certification Scheme) 2019-12-16

    Dear intacs members, SPICE assessors and friends of intacs! At the beginning of the new decade, we are pleased to share with you some news that will help you to continue your passion for quality processes. We have introduced several intacs™ ADD-ONsas valuable extensions for Automotive SPICE®. We will present this new content to the VDA QMC and coordinate its use with our colleagues. These are...

  • Working Group "Cybersecurity SPICE" André Zeh (Working Group Information) 2019-02-14

      Purpose / Objective Creation of an add-on for Automotive SPICE® addresing cybersecurity aspects of development projects: Definition of additional processes (which do not exist in Automotive SPICE®) Definition of additional Outcomes and Work Products (which do not exist in Automotive SPICE®) Definition of additional Base Practices for existing Automotive SPICE® Processes Definition of additional Notes...

  • Working Group "Hardware SPICE" Pierre Metz (Working Group Information) 2018-06-13

    Purpose and Goals Creation of a process reference and assessment model for hardware development, which is - compliant with ISO/330xx and ISO/IEC 15504-2 - aligned with Automotive SPICE® 3.1 - aligned with the VDA Automotive SPICE Guidelines - aligned with ISO 26262-1:2018 2Ed and ISO 26262-5:2018 2Ed Change requests for Automotive SPICE®, e.g. - SYS.3 does not mention “Producability” - SYS...

  • intacs Information Letter December 2017 Administrator (International Assessor Certification Scheme) 2017-12-04

    Please download your copy here:   Intacs Newsletter 2017 12

  • intacs Information Letter December 2018 Administrator (International Assessor Certification Scheme) 2018-12-04

    Newsletter 2018 Please download your copy here

  • Working Group "Assessor Support" André Zeh (Working Group Information) 2017-04-21

    Purpose Offer “added value” to assessors and promote a strong and growing SPICE Community (with all domains). With support … Support assessors in assessments performance (and other tasks) Support experience exchange between assessors Establish Assessor Knowledge Base and Guidelines (WIKI based) … and communication Continue Gate4SPICE Operation and other Assessor Qualification Events / Meetings Support...

  • Working Group "SPICE for Mechanical Development" Robert Schlieder (Working Group Information) 2015-09-15

    Purpose Creation of a process modell for mechanic development which is aligned with Automotive SPICE® 3.1 and other established standards in the industry. Motivation A significant part of the systemsdeveloped nowadays are mechantronic systems. These consist of mechanical,  electronical/electrical and software systems and/or components. To support company internal process improvement within...

  • Working Group "Internationalization" Bernhard Sechser (Working Group Information) 2011-04-07

    GOAL Make intacs® visible and globalized in the world. STRATEGY Establishing contacts to companies, industry representatives and community members in any country in order to promote the intacs® scheme by: creating collaboration with institutions who are already implementing SPICE creating synergies between ISO 330xx developments and intacs® initiatives winning regional representatives as local...

  • Working Group "Organization SPICE" Pierre Metz (Working Group Information) 2010-12-04

    Ziele: Ziel der Arbeitsgruppe ist es, ein System zu schaffen, das akzeptierte Bewertungsergebnisse liefert, die ein angemessenes Maß an Vertrauenswürdigkeit bieten. Wenn die Anforderungen dieses Schemas erfüllt sind, kann ein Zertifikat ausgestellt werden. Innerhalb des Anwendungsbereichs sind Bewertungen gemäß ISO/IEC 15504-2 Beschwerde-PAMs für entweder Projektbewertungen oder...

  • Training Providers and Certification Bodies Peter Bölter (List and Contact) 2009-04-21

    intacs runs a programm to approve qualified training organizations and certify experienced instructors. The followin information shows the current lists: Registered Training Organizations Accredited Certification Bodies (Examination and...

  • Working Group "intacs® Trainings" Pierre Metz (Working Group Information) 2009-03-06

    Purpose The purpose of the working group "intacs® Trainings" is to ensure the quality of SPICE assessor trainings hosted by  intacs® and to provide standard materials for trainings relevant to certification. This also includes continuously reviewing and developing the intacs® Training architecture with focus on all trainings on PAMs and PAM extensions accepted by intacs® and relevant to assessor...

  • Working Group "Exams" Pierre Metz (Working Group Information) 2009-02-27

    Purpose Definie and maintain exam questions for Provisional and Competent courses in cooperation with Working Party "Standard Course Materials", the instructors, and based on exam participant feedback Compile exams and deliver exam releases to Certification Bodies. Approve an release exam results created by Certification Bodies before announcing them to the participants Quality assurance and configuration...

  • Working Group "Procedures" Detlef Vohwinkel (Working Group Information) 2008-10-13

    PURPOSE Defining and maintaining versioned procedures and forms Publishing of those DELIVERABLES Submitting procedures change proposal to the Advisory Board Implementing changes MEMBERS Detlef Vohwinkel (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloakfd9a2080962a2bd85ba467a3052c56ba').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' +...

  • Imprint Administrator (LegalNotice) 2008-09-17

    Imprint 1. Legal name and address International Assessor Certification Scheme e.V. (intacs e.V.) Geschäftsstelle Herderstr. 7 51147 Köln Germany   T: +49 (0) 700 intacsinfo (46822746) E: office at intacs.info

  • Disclaimer Administrator (LegalNotice) 2008-09-17

    1. Online contents The International Assessor Certification Scheme e.V. (hereafter referred to as intacs) reserves the right not to be responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information and software provided. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information and software provided, including any kind of information and software which is...

  • Benefits of intacs... Peter Bölter (Assessor Information) 2008-09-11

    ...For individuals interested in becoming an assessor You can be sure that you are trained by an accredited training provider with approved up-to-date training material reflecting the latest technical community knowledge. You have access to the list of these training providers and instructors. You can rely on instructors to be the most experienced assessors (Principal grade, see below) in the...

  • Working Group "Information Management" Christian Knüvener (Working Group Information) 2008-09-11

    Purpose Provide information about the status, progress and next steps from WGs, Advisory Board and Executive Board to the intacs community Maintaining the information strategy inside and outside of intacs Deliverables Provide a regular information letter (English) sent out by email to all subscribers Deliver input to intacs.info web platform e.g., Newsflash on main page or WG overview page Next...

  • The EE concept (Experience Evidence) Detlef Vohwinkel (Assessor Information) 2008-09-08

      When applying for (re-)certifcation as Competent or Principal Assessor with a certification body the assessor submits EE (evidence of experience with practically applying, and theorectial understanding of, ISO/IEC 15504 and Process Assessment Models. Through this the assessor proves that he keeps in touch the latest SPICE community knowledge & experience, and maintain assessment practice on a...

  • How to Guide: Submitting a Ticket Peter Bölter (How to use Website) 2008-08-28

    General ticket concepts This system has been installed to allow direct communication between the community and intacs. There are two main areas (called departments) assigned to control the community to discuss and answer a ticket: The Community: This is for open discussion with all registered users of the intacs.info platform. The Core Team: This area is assigned to members of the advisory board...

  • Why can't I change my previous added article Administrator (How to use Website) 2008-08-23

    Registered users of intacs may be assigned to groups depending on their experience. Being part of the gourp connects you to a set of permissions. the following groups are courrently defined: RegisteredAdditional information is available for web page visitors. Full access to download published documents AuthorUser can add articles. You can edit your own articles. EditorUser can change and update...

  • How to Guide: Writing an Article Peter Bölter (How to use Website) 2008-08-23

    Register First Only registered users can add articles to the intacs info platform. After registration the administrator can assign the author rights. Enter Title The title is shown in selection lists. Choose the text carefully to include important information Enter Article Enter the text. You can use the "read more" button on the bottom to create a preview. You can use the "new page" button to...

  • Current Training Course Program Administrator (Assessor Information) 2008-08-22

    The following courses are defined and accredited in the intacs scheme: intacs™ certified Provisional Assessor (15504-5) intacs™ certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE®) intacs™ certified Provisional Assessor (TestSPICE) intacs™ certified Competent Assessor (15504-5) intacs™ certified Competent Assessor (Automotive SPICE®) intacs™ certified Competent Assessor (TestSPICE)   Only accredited...

  • Fee Structure Administrator (Assessor Information) 2008-08-22

    intacs e.V. is only the scheme holder (see article "intacs® in a Nutshell), i.e. those fees are defined by the corresponding certification bodies in a free market situation. intacs e.V. does not warrant the correctness of the information given below. Please visit the web pages of your certification body for latest information: VDA QMC ECQA All fees are in EURO (€), excluding the applicable VAT....

  • Assessor Grades Administrator (Assessor Information) 2008-08-22

    Assessor Certification and Accreditation   Certification under this scheme is available, without any restraints, to all applicants who satisfy the certification requirements. Beside the education and experience an accredited training and a passed examination are requested. Certification is provided by the Certification Body responsible for your region and industry domain. Certified Assessors...

  • intacs Member List Administrator (List and Contact) 2008-08-22

    See below all organizations and individuals being registered as intacs e.V. members. If you want to become an intacs member please contact the executive board.

  • intacs Contact Information Office Manager (What is intacs) 2008-08-18

    intacsTM Office of the Executive BoardThe intacsTM main office postal address is: Herderstr. 7 51147 Köln Germany and can be contacted during GMT working hours by phone, fax or email phone +49 700 intacsinfo  (46822746) email officeat intacsdot info ...when contacting the intacsTM office? for becoming a member for questions and suggestions on bylaws and statutes for questions about...

  • intacs Operational Structure Peter Bölter (International Assessor Certification Scheme) 2008-08-19

       Scheme Setup: 3 Types of Independently Interacting Institutions The intacs work (white box upper left) is done by the Advisory Board, Regional Representatives, and working parties.                           intacsTM Guarantees Independence and a Self-Regulating Community by means of the above 3 types of independently interacting institutions the intacs™ advisory board, the intacs working parties, and Regional...

  • intacs Goals & Objectives Pierre Metz (International Assessor Certification Scheme) 2008-08-17

      Welcome to intacs™, the association of all assessorsworking on the basis of the International Assessor Certification Scheme!   intacs™ is an independent and legally registered not-for-profit association with open and transparent operations in an honorary capacity and global and multilingual presence.   Objectives Because of the need to improve on assessment performance, to reduce variations in the quality of assessment...