The 7th CSN Conference organized was successfully completed in Shanghai!

In this CSN conference, we invited intacs, OEMs (VW, BMW, CARIAD), Supplier (Horizon Robotics), well-known consulting firms (e.g. UMovcom, KUGLER MAAG CIE by UL Solutions, TÜV SÜD Greater China), and famous tool suppliers Merico, BTC, to provide us remarkable presentations and discussions on Automotive SPICE 4.0, Cyber-security, Machine Learning, Quality and testing, and also other interesting topics.
本次CSN大会邀请了intacs,整车厂(大众中国,宝马,大众CARIAD),供应商(地平线),知名咨询公司(悠牧矻, 库乐玛,TÜV南德),知名工具商思码逸和BTC,围绕Automotive SPICE4.0,网络安全,机器学习,质量与测试等主题为我们提供了精彩的讲演。

About 140 participants joined in this CSN offline conference. Most of them come from different domestic and foreign OEMs, suppliers and consulting companies. They are mainly responsible for research and development, quality management, project management and consulting work.
Among the topics, Bernhard’s speech topic “Automotive SPICE® 4.0 – New Challenges for intacs®” won the best speech!
约有140人参与了本届CSN线下大会,他们大多来自国内外不同的整车厂,供应商,认证机构和咨询公司,主要负责研发,质量管理,项目管理及咨询工作。 其中Bernhard的讲演主题”Automotive SPICE® 4.0 – intacs®的新挑战” 荣获了最佳讲演!

Conference Sponsors:
Gold sponsorship: UMovcom Information Technology (Shanghai) Inc.
Silver sponsorship: KUGLER MAAG CIE Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Sponsor partner: TÜV SÜD Greater China.

金牌赞助: 悠牧矻信息科技有限公司。
银牌赞助: 库乐玛管理咨询(上海)有限责任公司。
赞助合作伙伴: TÜV南德意志大中华区。

Below is the conference timetable and group photo.