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EuroSPI 2018 Conference, 5.-7.9.2018, Bilbao, Spain

EuroSPI 2018 is the 25th EuroSPI conference and it is accepted for iNTACS EE4 experience evidences. EuroSPI has international workshops which support Automotive SPICE and assessment models and improvement methods. There is a workshop about improvement led by BOSCH and SQS experts, there is a workshop about traceability led by Continental and Methodpark experts, there is a workshop about functional safety and ASPICE led by Elektrobit and ISCN, there is a workshop about future infrastructures led by a representative of the European Automobile  manufactirer association, there is a workshop led by Volkswagen IT about agile development, etc.

EuroSPI is every year at a different region, we introduce you this year to the Northern Spanish culture.


Dr Richard Messnarz

Chair of EuroSPI

Upcoming Gate4SPICE Events

For 2018, the following events are planned. Events are held in German or English language (as announced for each event).

Detailed content descriptions and booking procedures are published approx. 2 months in advance.

2018-08-31-Gate4SPICE Event "Impact of VDA Guideline on Automotive SPICE v3.1 assessments"

IQI Consulting Services Private Limited (IQI-India) invites you all for a Gate4SPICE event in Bangalore on 31st of August 2018.

2018-09-20-Gate4SPICE Event "ACQ.4, SYS.2, SYS.3-Rating Guidelines"

Continental Automotive Systems invites you all for an G4S event in Auburn Hills (USA) on 20th September 2018.

2018-09-27-Gate4SPICE Event "From ASPICE PAM 2.5 to 3.1 - Understanding and Discussion of main key concepts"

Continental Automotive Regensburg invites you for a Gate4SPICE event in Regensburg on 27th of September 2018.

2018-10-11-Gate4SPICE Event "Legacy Code in Assessments"

Continental Automotive Systems invites you all for an G4S event in Auburn Hills (USA) on 20th September 2018.

2018-10-25-Gate4SPICE Event "SYS.4+5, SWE.5+6-Rating Guidelines"

Continental Automotive Systems invites you all for a Gate4SPICE event in Auburn Hills on 11th of Octobre 2018.

2018-12-06-Gate4SPICE Event "Rating Guidelines: Key Concepts and Overall Guidelines & Capability Level 2 Guidelines

KUGLER MAAG CIE North America Inc. invites you all for an G4S event in Troy (USA) on 06th December 2018.

New intacs Newsletter December 2017 published

Please download your copy here:   pdf Intacs Newsletter 2017 12 (985 KB)

Process Assessment Model for ISO20000

Intacs is glad to announce a new Process Assessment Model for ISO20000. The model has been created by Nehfort-IT-Consulting (www.nehfort.at) and verified by intacs for compliance with the requirements of ISO 15504 Part2. Nehfort-IT-Consulting is also conducting trainings based on the new PAM.

The new PAM can be downloaded from here.

New Certification Body: ECQA

New certification body for non-Automotive models

After a long period of successful cooperation with ISQI intacs has signed a contract with ECQA as new certification body, valid from 1st January 2015.

ECQA (European Certification & Qualification Association, www.ecqa.orgwill provide certification and registration services for assessors and training provider for:

  • ISO 15504 (SPICE)
  • TestSPICE
  • ISO 20000

Existing (still valid) certifications are not affected by the change. All new and re-certification application will be carried out from now on by ECQA.

Full adress: 

Weiterlesen: New Certification Body: ECQA

White Paper on Process Maturity Models (SPICE, CMMI) vs. Agile published!

Dear community members,  

the white paper, as announced on intacs.info and in the latest intacs newsletter, has been finished.

pdf White Paper Spice and Agile

We would be happy if this contributes to answering frequently asked questions and to clarifying myths with respect to Process Maturity Models (such as SPICE and CMMI) vs Agile. We also hope that it will trigger fruitful discussions and further work. We are looking forward to your feedback !