Purpose and Goals

Creation of a process reference and assessment model for hardware development, which is

  • compliant with ISO/330xx and ISO/IEC 15504-2
  • aligned with Automotive SPICE® 3.1
  • aligned with the VDA Automotive SPICE Guidelines
  • aligned with ISO 26262-1:2018 2Ed and ISO 26262-5:2018 2Ed

Change requests for Automotive SPICE®, e.g.

  • SYS.3 does not mention “Producability”
  • SYS processes does not address a production interface
  • Thermal / environmental and EMC testing  Note for SYS.4/SYS.5  (testing)


In the automotive industry, a significant no. or products are mechatronic products, i.e. comprising mechanical, electrical, electronial, electro-mechanical element, and software.

There is not Process Assessment Model yet providing indicators for all these product levels and aspects. Since Automotive SPICE® v3.0, there is a "Plug-in" concept allowing for HW and mechanical lifecycle processes to be placed below the SYS.x, and beneath the SWE.x processes. Still, the VDA Working Group (AK) 13, at present, does not have the mandate to develop "MEE" and "HWE" process extensions.

As there is a ggworing need for companies to either assess hardware in isolation, or to assess mechatronic development processes, the goal of this working group is to propose such criteria.

Start and Deadlines

February 2018, projected finalization 4Q 2019


This working group operates strictly according to teh intacs® Guidelines for Kartellrecht.


ISO/IEC 330xx compliant Process Reference and Process Assessment Model


  • Pierre Metz (intacs, working group leader)
  • Michael Glaser (Bosch)
  • Michael Kaufmann (Bosch)
  • Holger Göttel (Bosch)
  • Sibylle Schmid (ZF)
  • Christoper Sievers (Continental)
  • Rajesh Ganij (WABCO)
  • Gerd Vogler (Dräxlmaier)
  • Claudia Balla (Dräxlmaier)
  • Attila Fehervari (ART S.p.A.)
  • Kosmas Kopmeier (SynSpace)
  • Thomas Gabler (Kuglermaag)
  • Michael Kaufmann

Working Group Leader

  • Pierre Metz (Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein.)