Make intacs® visible and globalized in the world.


Establishing contacts to companies, industry representatives and community members in any country in order to promote the intacs® scheme by:

  • creating collaboration with institutions who are already implementing SPICE
  • creating synergies between ISO 330xx developments and intacs® initiatives
  • winning regional representatives as local community contact persons for intacs® issues
  • continuously improving the intacs® scheme to support the international community needs


  • Regular conference calls to exchange news between all intacs® Advisory Board and Regional Representatives (8 – 10 times per year)
  • Organizing, moderating and/or supporting community events (e.g. SPICE network meetings/conferences, Gate4Spice meetings/workshops, …)
  • Participation as intacs® representative in national and international SPICE events (e.g. VDA Automotive SYS, EuroSPI, …)
  • Taking care of requests regarding any SPICE model or intacs® procedure
  • Providing articles for the intacs® newsletter in English
  • Maintaining Regions website on www.intacs.info in English
  • Validating SPICE models (PAM, PRM) in alignment with intacs® and ISO 330xx demands
  • Creating awareness of intacs® in ISO/IEC JTC1 (Information Technology)


see https://intacs.info/index.php/component/comprofiler/userslist/12-regional-representatives

Working Group Leader

  • Bernhard Sechser (Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein.)