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2021-01-12-Gate4SPICE Event "Capability Level 3 in Praxis"

Brief description

Vitesco Technologies GmbH invites you for a Gate4SPICE event on 12th January of 2021 in Regensburg.

As Automotive SPICE is meanwhile "State of the Art" and OEM suppliers are making progress in the
achievement of higher capability levels, the capability level 3 becomes more and more an important
subject for assessors.
Within this workshop we want to address theory and praxis of the level 3. As today assessments
rarely go up to level 3, background on the main topics “process metrics” and “process tailoring” will
be given. But we also want to share knowledge about practical aspects of level 3 assessments. In
order to transfer theoretical knowledge into daily live, and to deepen practical knowledge exchange
a group work is planned in the afternoon.
This event will be held in German language.


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Guideline for Remote Process Assessments

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are receiving several questions regarding the possibility of performing remote assessments. Is this permissible, recommended, or not?

Please find out our answer and a few recommendations in our brief Guideline for Remote Process Assessments.



intacs trainings can be carried out online

Appointments for trainings of Automotive SPICE assessors came to a complete standstill in the corona crisis and it is not foreseeable for anyone involved how many months this will take.

In a letter from March 24, 2020, the intacs Executive Board proposed to the VDA based on the Covid-19 pandemic that training courses for  Provisional Assessors and VDA Guidelines should be held online immediately. The VDA management agreed to this and wished a successful implementation. Intacs and the VDA experts have now to create a procedure for a practical and safe solution for how training courses and exams can be carried out online. This procedure is limited to October, 31st, 2020.

For companies wanting to develop or expand their assessment competence, we avoid further delays. Future assessors can use the time in the home office for developing know-how. We will inform about the further progress of the implementation and wish everyone involved good success!