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Manifesto of Software Process Improvement

In September 2009 a group of experts in Software Pro-cess Improvement (SPI) from all over the world gathered in connection with the EuroSPI Conference for a workshop at Universidad de Alcalá in Spain.

EuroSPI's mission is to develop an experience and knowledge exchange platform for Europe where SPI practices can be discussed and exchanged and knowledge can be gathered and shared.

At the workshop 15 experts presented their ‘wisdom’ grounded in many years of process improvement experience. Based on the presentations, 30 workshop participants brainstormed core values and principles specifically for process improvement. Via affinity analysis and group thinking exercises we ended up with a manifesto for SPI.

At the end of the workshop 4 values and 14 principles were identified. Among the group of participants, authoring responsibilities were distributed on a voluntary basis backed by personal justification. Some values and principles were focused on by more then one volunteer.

Find the complete document attached:

pdf  SPI Manifesto eurospi.net ( 2010-02-03 11:11:26)

Updated version of the Provisional 2010 syllabus uploaded

Dear community members,

please note that we have uploaded an updated version of the Provisional syllabus that will become valid in 2010. Please find the new document  "Syllabus Provisional Assessor - full document v2.1" on the download area. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank all readers who have notified us about the need of change.

New Questionaire

A new questionaire about the ISO/IEC15504 revision is now published on intacs.info. Go to the bottom of the page and vote !

intacs is the leading certification scheme

SPICE DAYS Information

intacs has established itself as the leading scheme in the spice world. No other scheme has by far such a level of industry acceptance as well as the number of certified assessors.

During the Spice Days 2009 Peter Bölter, president of intacs e.V. announced, that intRSA has allmost dropped their buisiness and has no visibility in the market anymore. Former intrsa assessors are invited to sign off their program and get certified in the intacs scheme. This backdoor will be left open until June 2010. Holders of third party certificates are invited to proof their competence to intacs and join the scheme as well.

This step was taken by intacs to give a clear signal to the market of the reliability and continuity. As a not for profit organisation, the main goal of intacs is to supply needed services to the members and support the community in their assessment knowledge.

New AutomotiveSPICE (TM) publications in Japan

Two guide books on Automotive SPICE have been published in Japanese.

1. Automotive SPICE Guide Book - Basic guidebook1 japan

  • Practical implementation of Automotive SPICE in real environment
  • Capability Level 2
  • HIS Scope (15 Processes)
  • ISBN: 978-4-8222-2177-5
  • Released on Mar 02, 2007


2. Automotive SPICE Guide Book - Intermediateguidebook2 japan

  • Practical implementation of Automotive SPICE in real environment
  • Capability Level 3
  • HIS Scope (15 Processes)
  • ISBN: 978-4-8222-2180-5
  • Released on Oct 26, 2007

Both of these books are published by Japanese leading publishing company Nikkei BP. These books are very popular in Japanese Automotive Industry for those who wish to do the process improvement activity based on Automotive SPICE.