As announced, the intacs working group "HW Engineering PRM/PAM" has completed the work for the release 2.0. Several improvements have been made, e.g.

  • Further Notes and guidance for using the PAM in all processes for semiconductor development. In this context, e.g. traceability is now also allowed (however not required) to be established between HW requirements an individual HW part such as a single transistor.
  • Several Rationales were enhanced (e.g. Rationale 5 ‚"Understanding of functional and non-functional requirements")
  • Given Notes and some process outcomes and base practices, respectively, have been improved (e.g. HWE.1 HW Requirement Analysis now also reflects general "stakeholder requirements")

Further details you will find in revision history in Annex E of  the document: intacs HW Engineering PRM/PAM v2.0

Plan for 2021:

The work of the group has not ended with release v2.0. In 2021, the group will, in alignment with the intacs working groups "training course strategy" and "standard course materials", develop materials for HW PAM courses. Further, potentials for getting assessments according to the HW PAM accepted as Experience Evidence will be evaluated. Furthermore, the progress of ISO/SAE 21434 on Cybersecurity will be observed to see whether the HW PRM/PAM need to address these topics in Base Practices or Notes.

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