As an intacs working group we are currently trying to answer the growing demand of agile teams on how to implement AutomotiveSPICE(r) in an agile environment. We started to bridge MAN.3 by creating practices for Agile Work Management. Get a sneak preview on the base practices and participate in the workgroup!


BP.1 Identify the customer demand and work boundaries collaborating closely with stakeholders. Derive the vision and strategic themes linked to business and customer value. Keep demand, boundaries, vision, and strategic themes up to date.

BP.2 Form, empower and enable a team (of teams) fitting to the vision and work boundaries. Ensure the right skill and experience set within each team (of teams).

BP.3 Establish, record and keep the work approach of the team (of teams) up to date. Ensure that the work approach reflects the given level of complexity, fulfils the work boundaries and defines team policies, iteration cycles, agile events, artefacts, and roles.

BP.4 Stakeholders, interfaces and dependencies within and outside the team (of teams) are identified, planned for, recorded and involved.

BP.5 Identify, plan for and keep the needed work and development infrastructure up to date.

BP.6 Evaluate and act on the feasibility of critical elements.

BP.7 Perform a high-level estimate on all backlog items. Estimate and prioritize work for the upcoming iteration cycle to ensure a common understanding of the work content within the team (of teams).  Refine and adapt estimates to continuously improve team collaboration and the quality of the product backlog.

8 Plan and realize the content of the upcoming iteration/increment based on estimates and definitions of ready and done.

BP.9 Inspect, measure and visualize the status and progress of work completion in short regular intervals and adapt as needed to manage impacts on strategic themes and vision.

BP.10 Identify, monitor and resolve impediments within and across iteration cycles.

BP.11 Inspect and adapt the work approach based on short learning cycles within the team (of teams).

If you want to look at the whole Agile Work Management including agile outcomes, work products, and mappings to MAN.3 and agile principles please contact us directly. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Both of us would support pilots in your organizations to validate the agile base practices.

Please download your PDF copy of the Agile SPICE eBook.

Kind regards,
Christian Knüvener (Knüvener Mackert GmbH) and Christian Hertneck (Kugler Maag Cie. GmbH)