Creation of a process modell for mechanic development which is aligned with Automotive SPICE® 3.1 and other established standards in the industry.


A significant part of the systemsdeveloped nowadays are mechantronic systems. These consist of mechanical,  electronical/electrical and software systems and/or components. To support company internal process improvement within companies it is useful to provide processes for mechnical, electronical/electrical, software and system development with the same base and structure. This also supports assessors in conducting SPICE assessments.


  • Maintenance of SPICE Mechanical Engineering (an Automotive SPICE® 3.1 compliant process model)
  • Creation of standard training material and exams


  • André Zeh
  • Andrei Donciuc
  • Daniel Brunnschweiler
  • Hans Joachim Fach
  • Holger Göttel
  • Jörg Kiefer
  • Kai Rüdele
  • Luben Krahtov
  • Dr. Steffen Kuhl
  • Michael Salzer
  • Ulli Schmehl

WorkGroup Leadship Team

  • Bernadette Bender
  • Britta Büttrich
  • Robert Schlieder (Head)