2022-12-01-Gate4SPICE Event "Understanding System, SW, EE and ME Architecture Expectations and Relationships" - ONSITE

From 01.12.2022 09:30 until 01.12.2022 16:00
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Brief description

Kugler Maag CIE by UL Solutions would like to organize a Gate4SPICE event on Dec 1, 2022 in Troy, MI.

During this G4S event we will address the topics of architecture at various levels of automotive product development, and what are effective and pragmatic means of understanding the relationship between these levels. Additionally, the workshop will address how ASPICE can assist in building effective relationships, but also highlight the challenges of these various architectures for globally-distributed project teams and organizations with an overly burdensome concept of “platform”.

The event will be held in English and lunch will be provided by Kugler Maag CIE by UL Solutions

This G4S event will be held in English.


  • Host: KUGLER MAAG CIE by UL Solutions
  • Organizers/Presenters: Peter Abowd, Dan Wall
  • Contact person: Catherine Biland (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Juan Webb (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Site: Kugler Maag Cie by UL Solutions 50 West Big Beaver, Suite 400, Troy MI 48084
    • (note google will send you to the wrong location if you do not include the city of Troy, MI in your address search)
  • Date: December 1, 2022 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Maximum number of participants: 40 (may change if there are updated COVID restrictions)
  • Application until: November 23, 2022
  • Hotel Recommendation: Contact Catherine Biland (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


09:30 10:00 Sign-In/Welcome
10:00 11:00 Overview information (Kugler Maag Cie):
  • Starting with the “Why”: Why do we care if architectures provide a digestible abstraction of the design?
  • Clarifying System-to-Discipline architectures:
    • Defining a useful and practical relationship between Vehicle, Product and Discipline architectures.
    • Reviewing Best Practices for creating and relating these architectures
      • This will involve addressing how System-level and underlying requirements are related
      • The motivations for clarifying language regarding Requirements and Design and the risks of not doing this effectively
    • Sys Req + Sys Arch à lead to SW/EE/ME requirements (derived from Sys Req & Sys Arch constraints ), provide realistic examples
11:00 12:30 Break out Session I:
Given the understanding/definition of the different architectures in ASPICE:
  1. How could you determine what architecture you are looking at in an assessment?
  2. What are the characteristics you think are critical to the different levels of architecture?
  3. Do you expect that the different discipline architectures would employ different semantics?
    1. What would/should be common and what would/should be unique to each level, to each discipline?
Break out groups will address the following topics
  • ME vs. SW architectures
  • EE vs. SW Architectures
  • ME vs. EE Architectures
  • System vs Discipline architectures
Create small presentation and present to the rest of attendees.
Learning Points: What are the expected differences and commonalities across the different discipline architectures for a project.
12:30 13:30

Lunch Break

13:30 14:30 2nd What makes good architecture vs bad architecture (GP2.1.1, GP2.2.1, GP3.1.1) (Kugler Maag Cie):
  1. KMC Presentation of good practices
    1. Semantic consistency
    2. Clear definition of dynamic behavior (collaboration)
    3. Appropriate interface definitions
14:30 16:00 Break out Session 2:
  1. What is enough information to support a good work product creation and effective process for architecture(s)?
  2. What checks could you easily perform to determine if the project architecture(s) satisfy their own work objectives/standard process?
  3. What would you expect to see collected to prove the process was successful at creating architectures? (GP3.2.6)
  4. How has your org determined and/or measured if the various architects are skilled at these Best Practices?
Break-out sessions to address these questions and then groups report out their conclusions to the attendees

Holiday Season Reception for all, please join us for a strolling dinner reception

How to register

  • Go to the intacs Gate4SPICE page
  • Select the Event
  • Click the JOIN button.
  • In case the event is fully booked, a waiting list is maintained (contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). If a place becomes free another attendee can take part.
  • Participation is prioritized for intacs certified assessors. Nevertheless, if free seats are available one week before the event, intacs.info users are welcome to participate and receive a confirmation email.