2022-08-26-Gate4SPICE Event "The practice of ASPICE PAM in testing process, tool implementation and agile development" - ONLINE

From 26.08.2022 09:30 until 26.08.2022 17:00
At Online
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Brief description

This event will be postponed to 26th of August 2022 and from ONSITE to ONLINE!
We are going to talk about the process implementation case ,test methods and test difficulties in related test domains.

Describes how to set up processes in ALM and introduce templates that meet ASPICE/ISO2626 requirements. 

A bridge of ASPICE and CNAS in the capability of test and verification will be discussed as well.

This event will be held in Chinese language. 


  • Host: Beijing Jingwei Hirain Technology Co.,Inc.
  • Organizer/Responsible for content: Honghong Su
  • Site: ONLINE via Tencent conference system 
  • Date: 26.08.2022 from 09:30 to approx. 17:00 UTC+8
  • Maximum number of participants: 20
  • Application until: 12.08.2022
  • The Organizer shall observe (by spot checking video/audio) full time participation of attendees. Only full time attendees shall be asked by organizer to confirm full time participation of the event using the feedback form. Only Participants who return this feedback form will receive an EE-EP certificate.


09:30 09:45


09:45 10:00 Welcome  
10:00 10:50 CNAS软件测试实验室能力与ASPICE的测试验证能力融合探讨(二)
A bridge of ASPICE and CNAS in the capability of test and verification
(add SWE.4 assessment)
The scope of CNAS in the capability of test and verification
How to bridge between CNAS and ASPICE
Analysis the assessment method between SWE.4 of Guidelines and CNAS
11:00 11:40 符合ASPICE/ISO26262的代码级自动化测试实现
Implementation of code automated testing in accordance with ASPICE/ISO26262 requirements
 1.ASPICE/ISO26262在代码级测试阶段的要求    Code  testing phase requirements in ASPICE and ISO262622.代码级自动化测试解决方案    Code  automated test solution
11:40 13:00 Lunch Break  
13:00 13:40 如何满足ASPICEISO26262中对资源/性能分析&测试的需求How to meet the resource/performance analysis & testing requirements in ASPICE and ISO26262  1. ASPICEISO26262中资源/性能分析&测试的需求    Resource/performance analysis & testing requirements in ASPICE and ISO262622. 资源/性能分析&测试方案    Resource/performance analysis & test scheme3. 资源/性能分析&测试方案与标准映射    Mapping between resource/performance analysis & test scheme and standard requirements
13:40 14:00

Coffee Break


14:00 14:40 符合ASPICE L3的流程建设Process definition in accordance with ASPICE L3  1.过程建设组织级要求    Organizational requirements for process definition2.过程要素的介绍    Introduction of process elements3.SYS.2为例,介绍流程建设案例    Uses SYS. 2 as an example to describe the process construction
14:40 15:20 ALM中部署ASPICE/ISO 26262/ISO 21434融合流程模板Deploy the ASPICE/ISO 26262/ISO 21434 integrated process template in ALM 1IBM Automotive Compliance Teamplate简介;    Introduction to IBM Automotive Compliance Teamplate;2.流程信息架构模型介绍;    Process  architecture model introduction;3.裁剪说明    Tailoring instructions
15:20 15:50 

Coffee Break

15:50 16:30 ASPICE与敏捷开发的融合与实践Thinking in ASPICE with Agile and prcatice 1.ASPICE与敏捷开发融合的必要性Why ASPICE should embrace Agile in our practice?2.建立ASPICE与敏捷开发的混合框架How to build the hybrid framework of ASPICE and Agile3.实践过程域总结Summary on the practice of ASPICE and Agile
16:30 17:00 Q&A, Summary, Feedback & Good-bye  
17:00   End  

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