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Next Events:

2019-03-22-Gate4SPICE Event "ASPICE and Cyber Security”

TUV Rheinland (China) invites you all for a Gate4SPICE event in Shanghai on 22nd of March 2019.

2019-04-04-Gate4SPICE Event "Experiences with ASPICE PAM 3.1 and VDA Automotive Guideline"

Continental Automotive Romania invites you all for a Gate4SPICE event in Timisoara on 4th of April 2019.

2019-04-25-Gate4SPICE Event "Impact of work split between supplier and customer on ASPICE assessments and achieving compliance"

KUGLER MAAG CIE North America Inc. invites you all for a Gate4SPICE event in Troy on 25th of April 2019.

2019-04-27-Gate4SPICE Event "Rating consideration on PA 3.1 and PA 3.2"

SPID Co. Ltd. invites you all for a Gate4SPICE event in Seoul on 27th of April 2019.

2019-05-16-Gate4SPICE Event "AutomotiveSPICE 3.1 Assessments and Considerations"

Continental Automotive Systems "Auburn Hills South" invites you all for a Gate4SPICE event in Auburn Hills on 16th of May 2019.

2019-05-17-Gate4SPICE Event "Risk Assessment as a practice in Automotive industry and its view across ASPICE, Functional Safety and Cyber security"

WABCO GmbH invites you all for a Gate4SPICE event in Hannover on 17th of May 2019.

Results are available:

2018-10-30-Gate4SPICE Event "Cyber security with ASPICE"

2018-10-25-Gate4SPICE Event "SYS.4+5, SWE.5+6-Rating Guidelines"

2018-10-11-Gate4SPICE Event "Legacy Code in Assessments"


Gate4SPICE Past Events 2014

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2014-12-08-Gate4SPICE Event "SPICE for mechanical systems/components Part3"

ZF Friedrichshafen AG invited to the 3rd G4S Meeting in Friedrichshafen.
The meeting on 08 December was concerned with the "Review of the previously developed results". Our request was, that not only SPICE Assessors were involved in reviews but also  employees from the mechanical development sections see and commented the results. The aim was to release these requirements for the mechanics world.

2014-12-02: Gate4 SPICE Event "Agile and Automotive SPICE: Mapping of Agile elements on Automotive SPICE and Agile experiences""

The usage of Agile elements does not necessarily endanger A-SPICE Assessments. The ongoing discussions on how to keep integrated Agile elements compliant to Automotive SPICE was a subject of a second event in continuation of last year’s event (17.9.2013).
Practical experiences were presented and selected topics/issues were discussed in more detail in the afternoon based on demands of participants. 

2014-11-26: Gate4 SPICE Event "Capability Level 2"

Within this Gate4SPICE Meeting we wanted to come closer to an aligned understanding of the generic practices on capability level 2 – in addition to the training concept of Automotive SPICE.

2014-09-25: Gate4 SPICE Event "Managing 3rd Party Software"

Today high class cars have up to 100 Mio Lines of Code and the exponential growth of software within the car industry is continuing. Up to 80 percent of this software is 3rd party software, which is integrated by OEMs and TIER1 into the Electronic Control Units of cars.

2014-09-15: Gate4 SPICE Event "Culture-Dependent Rules for Assessments"

Do's and Don'ts in different countries.

The behavior of people is influenced - mostly unconsciously - by their cultural background. Typical Procedures, phrases, and even gestures and glances can be interpreted very differently in different cultures. The problem is exacerbated by inaccurate or amateur translations in writing or speaking.

2014-07-08: Gate4 SPICE Event "Variant Handling in the Integration"

In order to increase the efficiency in the automotive development, more and more modular strategies are used. The variant handling in the integration of these components has a particular importance. In SPICE assessments complexity of integration on software and system level is very often underestimated when it comes to the consideration of the possible variants, in particular with regard to non-coded software which will become functional by configuration and application data only. Therefore this Gate4SPICE meeting dealt with the engineering processes on the right side of the V model primarily (ENG.6 - ENG.10) and highlighted all the integration requirements.

2014-06-06: Gate4 SPICE Event "SPICE for mechanical systems/components Part 2”

Hilti & KMC invited to continue the discussion of the application of SPICE for mechanical systems/components in the Hilti headquarter in Schaan (Liechtenstein) on 06.06.2014.In workshops and discussions the participants detailed the processes handled in the last Gate4SPICE meeting. The following questions were answered:

  • What are the purposes of the processes on Mechanic system and component level?
  • Which outcomes are suitable for the processes?
  • How can the base practices be detailed and described?  

2014-05-28: Gate4 SPICE Event "SPICE Assessments: Beginners Meet Experts”

Provisional SPICE assessors mostly have only some or no assessment experience. The aim of this Gate4SPICE workshop was to help them in their first steps in assessment practice. Based on an extensive case study, the participants assessed the Management process (MAN.3) of the Automotive SPICE ® assessment model and discussed the results.

In addition to beginners, we also invited experts, who like to share their knowledge of SPICE and assessment performance!

Gate4SPICE Past Events 2013

Please use this article for a first information, more detailed information and handouts are available in the submenue G4S Meeting Results, if you are a member of iNTACS and you log in!

2013-12-06: Gate4 SPICE Event "SPICE for mechanical systems/components"

Hilti invited to the G4S Event “SPICE for mechanical systems/components” to Liechtenstein on December 6th, 2013.

ASPICE has proven to be very successful to guide the engineering processes in the automotive area for SW and system development. Why not transfer these ideas and principles to other areas of engineering, like electronic hardware or mechanics development! This event focusses on mechanics:

  • Presentation of performed assessments and process improvement activities
  • Workshops on
    • Which processes and base practices are needed for development of mechanical systems/components?
    • How could existing ASPICE processes and base practices be adapted for mechanical development?
    • Which new processes and new base practices must be developed?

2013-10-21-22: Gate4 SPICE Event "Mastering increasing SW Complexity in Systems”

Again, Volkswagen invited to discuss the following questions in the MMI Braunschweig from 10/21/13 to 10/22/13

  • What are the challenges we face in terms of increasing software complexity and which strategies or approaches can we find to overcome the complexity in practice?
  • Do the current procedures and methods give sufficiently answers thereto or do we need new answers?

G4S-2013-10-21 22-Group Picture

2013-09-17: Gate4 SPICE Event "SPICE and AGILE”

Few topics are discussed in the community as intensively as the topic mentioned above. Both approaches, SPICE - oriented and agile, have their followers and have been used successfully, but "agile" is the new, positive word. How can you integrate agile approaches in SPICE?


2013-06-04: Gate4 SPICE Event "Checking 3rd Party Software in Automotive SPICE Assessments”

How to ensure with Automotive SPICE assessments that all 3rd party software is correctly integrated into the project, including legal, functional and technical aspects. The application of the process ACQ.4 alone is not sufficient.

2013-04-15: Gate4SPICE Event "SPICE and functional Safety"

In this workshop, different approaches to the process of harmonization of ISO 26262 requirements with SPICE requirements were presented by the respective representatives.
This gave the participants a direct comparison. Several small groups of participants discussed more deeply similarities and differences and applicability of all approaches.

2013-03-07 Gate4SPICE Event “SPICE Assessment for Beginners”

Provisional SPICE assessors mostly completed their training recently and have little or no assessment experience. The aim of this Gate4SPICE workshop was to help them in their first steps in assessment practice. Based on an extensive case study, the participants assessed the Change Request Management process (SUP.10) of the Automotive SPICE ® assessment model and discussed the results. The feedback of participants was so positive that we will continue this kind of workshop. The results of the workshop are accessible on the Gate4SPICE Result page.

2013-01-15: Trends in Assessment model

„Die aktuelle Entwicklung der SPICE Assessmentmodelle“ mit Entwicklung der PAMs in den letzten Jahren und Vorstellung der Modelle. Die Botschaft ist: SPICE ist „best practice“ im Prozessmanagement!"

Gate4SPICE Past Events 2012

Please use this article for a first information, more detailed information and handouts are available in the submenue G4S Meeting Results, if you are a member of iNTACS and you log in!

2012-10-30/31: Entwicklungsbegleitende Software- Qualitätssicherung ein "Feigenblatt" oder Sicherung der Software-Qualität?

Wie die Praxis zeigt, gehen die Meinungen über die Art und Weise als auch über den Umfang einer angemessenen SW-Qualitätssicherung relativ weit auseinander.
Brauchen wir SW-Qualitätssicherung oder stört sie nur und wie groß sollte der Umfang der SW-QS sein?
Solche und weitere aufschlussreiche Fragen haben sich die Teilnehmer gestellt und diskutiert. Ziel hierbei wares, ein gemeinsames Verständnis der entwicklungsbegleitenden SW-Qualitätssicherung mit den Teilnehmern zu erarbeiten.

2012-09-19: Gate4SPICE Event - Identifikation von offenen Themen / Bedarfen rund um das Thema Software-Qualität/SPICE, Veranstalter: BMW

Dieser Workshop behandelt den Nutzen, den SPICE für die Software-Qualität in den letzen 10 Jahren aus der Sicht von BMW gebracht hat und sammelt Themen, die für die SPICE -Community in der Zukunft interessant sind. Workshops beschäftigen sich mit der Sammlung und der Klassifizierung dieser Themen.

2012-06-25: 19th EuroSPI Conference, BENA Business Base Nineteen, Vienna, Austria, 25.-27.06.2012

Workshop 2012 (in Cooperation with Gate4SPICE meetings organised by iNTACS) The workshop focused on two experience topics, which require a consolidated view and experience exchange across assessors.
Workshop Theme 1 - Tailoring in Small and Legacy Projects
Many times in assessments we are confronted with tailoring of processes. How do we accept such tailorings in assessments and under which conditions can this become a sophisticated decision for the assessor to make the right rating?
Workshop Theme 2 – Agile and Maturity Models
Also to a growing extent there are agile development processes used. How does SPICE support agile processes with the improvement planning and what guidance could be established for assessors?

Gate4SPICE Past Events 2011

Please use this article for a first information, more detailed information and handouts are available in the submenue G4S Meeting Results, if you are a member of iNTACS and you log in!

2011-11-24: G4S-Event in Wolfsburg: Assessors in between OEMs and supplier

Der Bereich der Konzern Software-Qualitätssicherung der VW AG (K-GQK/4) initiierte diese Veranstaltung, um bestimmte Themen hinsichtlich Durchführung, Bewertung und Interpretation von Assessments zu erörtern. Im Vordergrund wurden die Gründe und Motive - und letztlich die daraus folgenden Konsequenzen - unterschiedlicher Assessment-Ergebnisse dargestellt. Das Ziel des Tages war es, die größten Abweichungen bzw. Diskrepanzen zu kennen und mögliche einheitliche Lösungsansätze/Interpretationshilfen hierfür vorzustellen und zu diskutieren.

2011-10-20: G4S-Event in München: ENG.2 Level 3

Am 20.10.2010 fand nach längerer Pause einmal wieder eine Gate4SPICE Veranstaltung statt. Der Gastgeber Tieto Deutschland GmbH, München, sorgte mit Räumen, Speisen und Getränken für eine perfekte Arbeitsumgebung. Thema war SPICE Level 3 am Beispiel des Prozesses ENG.2.
Der erste Teil des Tages war einführenden Präsentationen gewidmet, die allen Teilnehmern die Inhalte von SPICE Level 3 wieder präsent machten.
Im zweiten Teil des Tages wurden in zwei Arbeitsgruppen für jede der Generic Practices des Levels 3 erarbeitet, welche „Evidence“ ein Assessor für die Vergabe der Bewertungen von „Fully“ über „Largely“ bis „Partially“ erwartet.

New Organisational Framework for Gate4SPICE

The qualification of all assessors especially regarding their common understanding of the Automotive SPICE norm is a major goal of iNTACS. For several years this goal was supported by the Gate4SPICE board, which held regular meetings for the SPICE community. For the last year nearly no Gate4SPICE activities have been visible. So the iNTACS Executive Board decided to make a new initiative regarding the assessor community. Peter Bölter declared the provision of added value for iNTACS certified assessors as a major goal for 2011.
As a consequence, the Working Group “Assessor Support” was founded and Dr. Joachim Fleckner was appointed to be the leader of this Working Group.

Weiterlesen: New Organisational Framework for Gate4SPICE