Gate4SPICE Past Events 2013

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2013-12-06: Gate4 SPICE Event "SPICE for mechanical systems/components"

Hilti invited to the G4S Event “SPICE for mechanical systems/components” to Liechtenstein on December 6th, 2013.

ASPICE has proven to be very successful to guide the engineering processes in the automotive area for SW and system development. Why not transfer these ideas and principles to other areas of engineering, like electronic hardware or mechanics development! This event focusses on mechanics:

  • Presentation of performed assessments and process improvement activities
  • Workshops on
    • Which processes and base practices are needed for development of mechanical systems/components?
    • How could existing ASPICE processes and base practices be adapted for mechanical development?
    • Which new processes and new base practices must be developed?

2013-10-21-22: Gate4 SPICE Event "Mastering increasing SW Complexity in Systems”

Again, Volkswagen invited to discuss the following questions in the MMI Braunschweig from 10/21/13 to 10/22/13

  • What are the challenges we face in terms of increasing software complexity and which strategies or approaches can we find to overcome the complexity in practice?
  • Do the current procedures and methods give sufficiently answers thereto or do we need new answers?

G4S-2013-10-21 22-Group Picture

2013-09-17: Gate4 SPICE Event "SPICE and AGILE”

Few topics are discussed in the community as intensively as the topic mentioned above. Both approaches, SPICE - oriented and agile, have their followers and have been used successfully, but "agile" is the new, positive word. How can you integrate agile approaches in SPICE?


2013-06-04: Gate4 SPICE Event "Checking 3rd Party Software in Automotive SPICE Assessments”

How to ensure with Automotive SPICE assessments that all 3rd party software is correctly integrated into the project, including legal, functional and technical aspects. The application of the process ACQ.4 alone is not sufficient.

2013-04-15: Gate4SPICE Event "SPICE and functional Safety"

In this workshop, different approaches to the process of harmonization of ISO 26262 requirements with SPICE requirements were presented by the respective representatives.
This gave the participants a direct comparison. Several small groups of participants discussed more deeply similarities and differences and applicability of all approaches.

2013-03-07 Gate4SPICE Event “SPICE Assessment for Beginners”

Provisional SPICE assessors mostly completed their training recently and have little or no assessment experience. The aim of this Gate4SPICE workshop was to help them in their first steps in assessment practice. Based on an extensive case study, the participants assessed the Change Request Management process (SUP.10) of the Automotive SPICE ® assessment model and discussed the results. The feedback of participants was so positive that we will continue this kind of workshop. The results of the workshop are accessible on the Gate4SPICE Result page.

2013-01-15: Trends in Assessment model

„Die aktuelle Entwicklung der SPICE Assessmentmodelle“ mit Entwicklung der PAMs in den letzten Jahren und Vorstellung der Modelle. Die Botschaft ist: SPICE ist „best practice“ im Prozessmanagement!"