New Organisational Framework for Gate4SPICE

The qualification of all assessors especially regarding their common understanding of the Automotive SPICE norm is a major goal of iNTACS. For several years this goal was supported by the Gate4SPICE board, which held regular meetings for the SPICE community. For the last year nearly no Gate4SPICE activities have been visible. So the iNTACS Executive Board decided to make a new initiative regarding the assessor community. Peter Bölter declared the provision of added value for iNTACS certified assessors as a major goal for 2011.
As a consequence, the Working Group “Assessor Support” was founded and Dr. Joachim Fleckner was appointed to be the leader of this Working Group.

Joachim holds a doctorate in theoretical physics and has more than 30 years of experience in SW-development and SW engineering. He obtained the certificate "Trained Bootstrap and SPICE-Assessor" in 2001 and is iNTACS Principal ISO / IEC 15504 Assessor since 2006. For several years he has been supporting the Working Group Exams.

Objective of the Working Group

Offer “added value” to assessors by iNTACS and assure a strong and growing SPICE Community (with all domains)

Achieve this …

  • With support …
    • Support assessors in assessments performance (and other tasks)
    • Support experience exchange between assessors
    • Establish Assessor Knowledge Base (WIKI)
  • … and communication
    • Continue Gate4SPICE Operation with  Assessor Qualification events and  meetings
    • Support Operation of other Assessor Interest Groups
    • Cooperate closely with Working Group “Internationalization“