Gate4SPICE Past Events 2015

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2015-11-10-Gate4SPICE Event "Security & Automotive SPICE"

On November 11th 2015 Continental invited for a Gate4SPICE event to Regensburg. The topic of this one-day Gate4SPICE Event was "Security & Automotive SPICE".

2015-10-19-Gate4SPICE Event "Challenges for Fresh Assessors"

Continental Automotive Romania invited you to a Gate 4SPICE Event in Timisoara on October 19th, 2015.

2015-10-07-Gate4SPICE Event "Process vs. Product Quality"

On October 7th 2015 EB invited for a Gate4SPICE event to Erlangen. While there is a correlation between a well defined and followed development process and a well constructed product, the question remains open if the sentence "'good' process => 'good' product" is always true.

2015-09-22-Gate4SPICE Event "ASPICE Level 3 understanding"

Continental India invited you all for the Gate4SPICE event in Bangalore, India on 22nd Sept 2015.

Continental Automotive organized Gate 4 SPICE event at Technical center Bangalore, India on 22nd Sept 2015. This was first such an event organized in India.  Continental team was represented by China, Korea and India. Assessors and Process-Quality responsible from major Indian Automotive OEMs & Tier 1 software -system development companies participated in this event.

2015-07-14-Gate4SPICE Event "Does Automotive SPICE support the implementation of Quality Goals like reliability and maintainability?"

Carmeq and VW invited to a G4S Event to Berlin on July 14th, 2015.
Does Automotive SPICE support the implementation of Quality Goals like reliability and maintainability?
With lectures and group work we elaborated our position regarding these quality objectives.

2015-03-18-Gate4SPICE Event in Shanghai "Process Performance and Workproduct Management understanding and best practice"

The main topic to be discussed is GP2.1 and GP2.2 understanding and best practice sharing but this should also be an opportunity for meeting other ASPICE assessors in the region and exchange knowledge and best practices. With this Gate4Spice event we will get the ball rolling on ASPICE networking in Shanghai and more generally in China and in Asia region since this is the first such an event in this part of the globe. Hopefully this will spark other G4S events in the region. ASPICE is well used by OEM to evaluate the capability of the supplier on the development of system and software on Automotive Industry in Europe, it is still fairly new in Asia but more and more Asian OEM start to be interested in it and we are expecting ASPICE as a requirement to be fulfilled in their future quotes.

2015-01-28-Gate4SPICE Event "Complying with traceability requirements over a huge number of variants"

Method Park lud zu einem Gate4SPICE Event nach Stuttgart ein. Das Thema dieser Ganztagesveranstaltung lautete: „Erfüllung der Traceability-Anforderungen über eine Vielzahl von Varianten". Dabei ging es vor allem um die Frage, wie man die Traceability von variantenreichen Systemen sicherstellen kann. Insbesondere die Automobilindustrie steht in diesem Zusammenhang vor der Herausforderung, Traceability-Anforderungen aus Automotive SPICE® zu erfüllen. Aber wie legt man in diesem Fall den Scope und die Bewertung innerhalb eines Assessments fest?