2018-05-08-Gate4SPICE Event "Automated Driving, Electrification, Connectivity - Quo Vadis ASPICE?

From 08.05.2018 09:00 until 08.05.2018 16:00

At Robert-Bosch-Campus 1, 71272 Renningen, Deutschland

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Brief description

Robert Bosch GmbH invites you all for an G4S event in Renningen on 8th of May 2018.

The world of vehicle architectures with purpose driven ECUs (like e.g. Engine ECU for engine functionality, Gearbox ECU for gearbox functionality,…) based on static embedded code is changing dramatically. The Megatrends electrification, connectivity and automated driving will have massive influence on the well known architecture patterns. High performance ECUs will host many new functions, but also centralize functionalities from purpose driven ECUs which are e.g. not time critical. This may lead to a functions realization over a network of different ECUs. More and more functionality will also be realized in customer mobile devices or Cloud solutions as kind of “external” ECU but not written in classical programming languages like C or C++. The connections between the vehicle “internal” ECUs and the “external” ECUs are established via local vehicle networks (BT, WiFi,…) or via network carrier (3G, 4G,…). With this connectivity the topic SW Security and IT service management becomes a significant requirement. Additional the topic Software over the air updates will change the stable way of release management in the automotive industry and ASPICE.

With the realization of automated driving the architecture needs to be redundant designed to a certain extend. Additionally it will bring functionalities based on artificial intelligence algorithms and will strongly model based developed.
These few examples indicates the huge ongoing change and the impact towards ASPICE and the ASSESSORS. We need to be aware and prepared to this impacts to ensure the right SW development process capability for automotive applications.   
The Robert Bosch GmbH invites the ASPICE Assessor community for a Gate4Spice event to discuss about these topics.

Bosch is committed to ensuring lawful practice, and organizes this event in strict compliance with antitrust law. Every participant must ensure that no sensitive information in terms of antitrust law will be presented or discussed during this event.



  • Host: Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Responsible for content: Henning Tüxen und Albrecht Wlokka
  • Site: Robert-Bosch-Campus 1, 71272 Renningen (Raum Aristoteles)
  • Date: 08.05.2018 from 09:00 h to approx. 16:00 h
  • Maximum number of participants: 40

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Registration is open until 24.04.2018.

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Start Ende Topic
09:00 10:00 Come together & coffee
10:00 10:15 Welcome (incl. antitrust information)
10:15 10:45 Presentation 1
10:45 11:15 Presentation 2
11:30 12:00 Presentation 3
12:00 12:15 Introduction to the workshops
12:15 13:15 Lunch break (incl. workshop selection)
13:15 14:45 Workshops (four groups)
14:45 15:00 Coffee break
15:00 15:45 Presentation of workshop results
15:45 16:00 Feedback and Closure