Certification Center

intacs service platform to support the assessor community

For the following events EE-EP for participation in, and EE-AC for contributions related to SPICE are already accepted by intacsTM:

  • Gate4SPICE
  • VDA Automotive SYS Conference
  • EuroSPI Conference
  • Nippon SPICE Network
  • Korean SPICE Network
  • Chinese SPICE Network

For the following boards EE-AC for contributions are already accepted by intacsTM:

  • intacs™ Advisory Board
  • intacs™ Working Groups
  • VDA Working Group 13
  • ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7/WG10 (ISO/IEC 330xx) 

Following list contains not accepted events and boards for any EE:

  • program committee membership
  • coordinators or organizers of events
  • SPICE trainings other than Provisional and Competent Assessor trainings

If you feel that an important event or board is missing, please provide your proposal by mail to advisory(at)intacs.info.