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Certification under this scheme is available, without any restraints, to all applicants who satisfy the certification requirements.
Beside the education and experience an accredited training and a passed examination are requested.

Certification is provided by the Certification Body responsible for your region and industry domain. Certified Assessors maintain their grade and status by continuously practicing and updating their knowledge. Proof of this shall be reported by the assessor to the Certification Body on a yearly basis including a yearly accreditation fee. Please check the list of accredited Certification Bodies in the Relations area in the Community Menue.


Certification to the scheme is available according to the following grades based on defined requirements:

  • intacs certified Provisional Assessor
    This is the entry or training grade, for the assessor who has the appropriate personal at tributes, academic, professional, relevant technical competencies and has passed an Provisional training course but lacks the required assessment experience. The grade of a Provisional Assessor is PAM-dependent.
  • intacs certified Competent Assessor
    This grade applies if the assessor meets minimum requirements for assessment experience and has passed the Competent training course. The assessor will be able to lead assessments comprising two or more people
    . The grade of a Competent Assessor is PAM-dependent.

  • intacs certified Principal Assessor
    This grade applies to assessors that have extensive assessment experience, have proven to be capable of mastering at least two Process Assessment Models and actively contribute to the community's understanding and application of ISO/IEC 15504 and Process Assessment Models.
    A Principal Assessors can further become an intacsTM-authorized assessor Instructors at Provisional level, and then later advance to Competent Level.

If you like to get to know more details, please check the "Procedure for Assessor Certification" on the download area in the Community Menue.