Certification Center

intacs service platform to support the assessor community

...For individuals interested in becoming an assessorintacs logo

  • You can be sure that you are trained by an accredited training provider with approved up-to-date training material reflecting the latest technical community knowledge.
  • You have access to the list of these training providers and instructors.
  • You can rely on instructors to be the most experienced assessors (Principal grade, see below) in the community who have extensive training experience.

...For assessors / auditors

  • You receive a recognized certificate to offer your services to otherwise inaccessible markets.
  • You become part of an international network thereby getting early access to information about the advancing ISO/IEC 15504, new models, events, and information sources.
  • You can actively contribute to the intacs™ standards.

...For industry domain experts

  • You can have your assessment model promoted at an international level.
  • You can get help for designing a new assessment model by capitalizing on the experiences in the international expert network.

...For managers and project leaders

  • You can rely on assessment team leaders and co-assessors who have undergone a high-level qualification path, have comparable knowledge, and have sufficient experience to actually help improving your business.
  • You have access to the list of certified assessors and instructors.
  • You can be sure that personnel become assessors by accredited training providers with materials according to the latest technical knowledge and practical experiences.
  • If you have doubts with an assessment performance at your site you can appeal to intacs™ for independent, objective and confidential verification and clarification.