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The following courses are defined and accredited in the intacs scheme:

  1. intacs certified Provisional Assessor (15504-5)
  2. intacs certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE®)
  3. intacs certified Provisional Assessor (TestSPICE)
  4. intacs certified Competent Assessor (15504-5)
  5. intacs certified Competent Assessor (Automotive SPICE®)
  6. intacs certified Competent Assessor (TestSPICE)


  • Only accredited Training Providers delivering courses with this title and a valid accreditation number are (re-)authorized by intacs on a regular basis (note that intacs is only the scheme holder, i.e. all operational training, qualification and certification is done by those training providers and certification bodies).
  • Syllabi and exams are defined and released by intacs to Certification Bodies.
  • Exams are taken and corrected by Cerifcation Bodies indepently from the Training Providers delivering a course.

...For individuals interested in becoming an assessorintacs logo

  • You can be sure that you are trained by an accredited training provider with approved up-to-date training material reflecting the latest technical community knowledge.
  • You have access to the list of these training providers and instructors.
  • You can rely on instructors to be the most experienced assessors (Principal grade, see below) in the community who have extensive training experience.

...For assessors / auditors

  • You receive a recognized certificate to offer your services to otherwise inaccessible markets.
  • You become part of an international network thereby getting early access to information about the advancing ISO/IEC 15504, new models, events, and information sources.
  • You can actively contribute to the intacs™ standards.

...For industry domain experts

  • You can have your assessment model promoted at an international level.
  • You can get help for designing a new assessment model by capitalizing on the experiences in the international expert network.

...For managers and project leaders

  • You can rely on assessment team leaders and co-assessors who have undergone a high-level qualification path, have comparable knowledge, and have sufficient experience to actually help improving your business.
  • You have access to the list of certified assessors and instructors.
  • You can be sure that personnel become assessors by accredited training providers with materials according to the latest technical knowledge and practical experiences.
  • If you have doubts with an assessment performance at your site you can appeal to intacs™ for independent, objective and confidential verification and clarification.

Assessor Certification and Accreditationintacs logo


Certification under this scheme is available, without any restraints, to all applicants who satisfy the certification requirements.
Beside the education and experience an accredited training and a passed examination are requested.

Certification is provided by the Certification Body responsible for your region and industry domain. Certified Assessors maintain their grade and status by continuously practicing and updating their knowledge. Proof of this shall be reported by the assessor to the Certification Body on a yearly basis including a yearly accreditation fee. Please check the list of accredited Certification Bodies in the Relations area in the Community Menue.

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When applying for (re-)certifcation as Competent or Principal Assessor with a certification body the assessor submits EE (evidence of experience with practically applying, and theorectial understanding of, ISO/IEC 15504 and Process Assessment Models. Through this the assessor proves that he keeps in touch the latest SPICE community knowledge & experience, and maintain assessment practice on a regular basis.

The EE requirements are defined by intacsTM while certification bodies independently verify that the applicant has met these requirements when applying for (re-)certification. Thereby the EE concept supports the building of confidence in assessor qualification for all interested parties.

The detailed concepts and regulations are documented in the "intacsTM Procedure for assessor certification and Concept of Experience Evidence".

In order to obtain procedures you have to register with intacs.info website as a guest and then access the download area in the Community Menue.

For 2018 the experience evidence regulations have been significantly updated. Based on a 3 years period evidence need to be collected and reported for certification. Read the updated concept for more details:

icon Assessor: Concept of Experience Evidence 2018 (PDF)



  • intacs is only the scheme holder (see article "intacs in a Nutshell), i.e. those fees are defined by the corresponding certification bodies in a free market siuation.
  • intacs does not warrant the correctness of the information given below. Please visit the web pages of your certification body for latest information:

 All fees are in EURO (€), excluding the applicable VAT

Assessor (Re-)Certification (3 years)

Provisional, Competent and Principal Assessor (incl. Instructor) 450,00 € 450,00 €
 Corporate Contract:    
10 certification package  3.375,00 €  
 plus 5 certification package  1.687,50 €  
6-10 certifications/year   382,50 € / certificate
more than 10 certifications/year   315,00 € / certificate


Assessor Exam 

 Provisional Assessor 450,00 € 450,00 €
 Competent Assessor 500,00 € 550,00 €
 Review of exam results 60,00 € 200,00 € 


Training Provider Accreditation

for each intacs accepted PAM 3.500,00 € / PAM


Course Materials License Fees


intacs certified Provisional Assessor

  • unlimited per model and year
  • Can be subsituted by active participation in further development as agreed by working group
  • Updates of minor baselines are included in this license fee (e.g. 1.1 -> 1.2)

  • Updates of major baselines are subject of new license fee (e.g. 1.2 -> 2.0)

1.500,00 €

intacs certified Competent Assessor

  • unlimited per model and year
  • Can be subsituted by active participation in further development as agreed by working group
  • Updates of minor baselines are included in this license fee (e.g. 1.1 -> 1.2)

  • Updates of major baselines are subject of new license fee (e.g. 1.2 -> 2.0)

1.500,00 €

intacs Introduction to VDA Automotive SPICE Guidelines

  • unlimited per year
  • Can be subsituted by active participation in further development as agreed by working group
  • Updates of minor baselines are included in this license fee (e.g. 1.1 -> 1.2)

  • Updates of major baselines are subject of new license fee (e.g. 1.2 -> 2.0)

500,00 €



  • The assessor certification covers three complete calendar years. It is the responsibility of the assessor to apply for renewal during this period. In order to avoid bottlenecks and gaps, intacs has defined a buffer period during the first quarter of the following year. This allows assessors, which are late in extending their certification to continue their buisiness for at least three months. Details are defined in the according procedure (see download area in Community Menue). Be aware, that only an application for (re-)certification in time will make sure, that a continuous certification is granted.
  • If an assessor is certified he might want to extend his scope of recognition to an additional field, i.e. if an assessor is certified within the scope of Automotive SPICE®, he might want to be recognized as a certified assessor in the field of finance as well. In this case he applies for a secondary certification with a formless request and a copy of his existing certificate. The certification bodies will exchange necessary data to allow evaluation and then issue a second certifcate according to the request (only if certification criteria a met).
  • For organizations, who want to qualify and maintain a qualification program for a certain amout of assessors, corporate bundles are available. See details in the according definitions.
  • The exam fees cover participation in an exam, which is related to one or a group of Process Assessment Models. The fee depends on the course scope, where the exam is connected to.
  • Training Organizations may get accredited for one or more courses, fees apply per course. Only certified instructors, qualified to give selected courses, shall perform trainings. Trainings given by instructors without having a certification and qualification for that course will not grant qualification to the participants, no matter if they pass exam or not.