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Certification under this scheme is available, without any restraints, to all applicants who satisfy the certification requirements.
Beside the education and experience an accredited training and a passed examination are requested.

Certification is provided by the Certification Body responsible for your region and industry domain. Certified Assessors maintain their grade and status by continuously practicing and updating their knowledge. Proof of this shall be reported by the assessor to the Certification Body on a yearly basis including a yearly accreditation fee. Please check the list of accredited Certification Bodies in the Relations area in the Community Menue.

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When applying for (re-)certifcation as Competent or Principal Assessor with a certification body the assessor submits EE (evidence of experience with practically applying, and theorectial understanding of, ISO/IEC 15504 and Process Assessment Models. Through this the assessor proves that he keeps in touch the latest SPICE community knowledge & experience, and maintain assessment practice on a regular basis.

The EE requirements are defined by intacsTM while certification bodies independently verify that the applicant has met these requirements when applying for (re-)certification. Thereby the EE concept supports the building of confidence in assessor qualification for all interested parties.

The detailed concepts and regulations are documented in the "intacsTM Procedure for assessor certification and Concept of Experience Evidence".

In order to obtain procedures you have to register with intacs.info website as a guest and then access the download area in the Community Menue.

For 2018 the experience evidence regulations have been significantly updated. Based on a 3 years period evidence need to be collected and reported for certification. Read the updated concept for more details:

icon Assessor: Concept of Experience Evidence 2018 (PDF)




This intacs working group is developing further the existing ISO-20000-PAM into an up-to-date Process Assessment Model „SPICE for IT-Services“ which will serve two purposes:

1. Managing IT Suppliers

Experience with the existing PAM has shown that it is very beneficial for large organizations that purchase IT services to evaluate their IT suppliers on their ability to support their customer's business. If the issues and weaknesses identified in the assessments are resolved, performance can be improved, and resilience enhanced.

2. „SPICE for Automotive IT-Services“

In a second development stage, the PAM will be extended to future automotive IT service management. The background is that automotive system development will evolve from a predominantly vehicle scope to a highly distributed scope in the next few years:

Onboard units in a vehicle will network (keyword "car-to-x communication") with e.g. other vehicles, roadside devices, cloud services (e.g. POI management, navigation, automated valet parking, trunk shopping delivery, ...).

Just as today the quality capability of vehicle suppliers is assessed with Automotive SPICE, in the future the quality capability of IT suppliers will be assessed with "SPICE for Automotive IT Services".


  • Andreas Nehfort
  • Frank Blucha
  • Barbara Glasbrenner-Schulz
  • Dr. Klaus Hoermann
  • Dr. Claudia Salazar-Dorn
  • Lukas Schneider
  • Uwe Knoll 


  • Eberhard Hübner (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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