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German Version below


Creation of a process model “Agile SPICE®” to reflect agile concepts, methods and practices, but only with either changed or added processes and process groups


  • Growing complexity and faster changes during development drive increased use of agile approaches.
  • OEMs ensure the overall quality and safety/security of those products, leading to increased pressure to show Automotive SPICE® capabilities.
  • Automotive SPICE® as is can be applied and interpreted for any kind of development.
  • However, both agile organizations and those in an agile transition struggle in implementing and interpreting Automotive SPICE®.
  • There is a need to reduce misunderstandings and help to interpret the terminology for both sides.
  • This bridge shall …
    • reduce the variation in interpretation of Automotive SPICE® assessors,
    • increase the acceptance of Automotive SPICE® in the agile community.


  • Development of an Agile SPICE® PAM (applicable with Automotive SPICE® 3.1) including usage guidance and mapping to Automotive SPICE® practices
  • Piloting the Agile SPICE® PAM in assessments
  • Creation of standard training material and exams


Extended Team:

  • Achim Gerber (Knüvener Mackert GmbH),
  • Alexander De Jong (KUGLER MAAG CIE GmbH),
  • Annu George (APTIV),
  • Carola Schweizer (KUGLER MAAG CIE GmbH),
  • Cenk Yazer (KUGLER MAAG CIE GmbH),
  • Claudia Salazar Dorn (Dr. Claudia Salazar Dorn),
  • Dominik Feurer (Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG),
  • Florian Kneisl (KUGLER MAAG CIE GmbH),
  • Hendrik Meyl (Munich Safety GmbH),
  • Le-Roy Graeff (Student),
  • Niclas Knapp (Robert Bosch GmbH),
  • Rocio Rojas (KUGLER MAAG CIE GmbH),
  • Rüdiger Bayer (Knüvener Mackert GmbH),
  • Rüdiger Heimgärtner (IUIC),
  • Sergej Weber (KUGLER MAAG CIE GmbH),
  • Stefan Weber (Continental AG),
  • Stephan Müller (T-Systems international GmbH),
  • Tobias Maier (Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH)


  • Alexander Mackert (Knüvener Mackert GmbH),
  • Lars Dittmann (VW AG),
  • Stefan Weber (Continental AG)


  • Christian Knüvener (Knüvener Mackert GmbH) (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) (Head)
  • Christian Hübscher (KUGLER MAAG CIE GmbH) (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


The Expleogroup is the largest service supplier in software quality. INTACS Trainings are supplied in all European Countries.

The Expleo Group was built from SQS and Assystem Technologies.

Expleogroup Technology Germany GmbH
Stollwerckstr. 11
51149 Köln
office +49 2203 9154 -0
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Webpage: https://www.expleogrouptraining.com/de/index.php


Scheme Setup: 3 Types of Independently Interacting Institutions

The intacs work (white box upper left) is done by the Advisory Board, Regional Representatives, and working parties.















intacsTM Guarantees Independence and a Self-Regulating Community

by means of

  • the above 3 types of independently interacting institutions
  • the intacs™ advisory board, the intacs working parties, and Regional Representatives (see below) being staffed by international community members in an honorary capacity.
  • steadily improving the intacs™ requirements and procedures based on collected feedback from the community and industry
  • new assessor / instructor candidates receiving coaching and approval by experienced assessors / trainers.


 intacsTM Advisory Board

¢In an in an honorary capacity, the board members

    • Implement change requests & suggestions from community

  • ¢Conduct arbitration proceedings
  • ¢Supervise and support working parties
  • Assign, and support, Regional Representatives

 intacsTM Regional Representatives

are international individuals, or boards, who in an honorary capacity

  • act as an information interface between intacs™ and the ISO/IEC 15504 community in their local region

  • represent local points of contact for certification bodies and assessors

 intacsTM Working Parties

  • are topic-specific task forces staffed from the international community
  • that work in an honorary capacity on intacs goals 
















Information which were published as news, but have been expired.
This cat groups information about the intacs community and its different types of groups.