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Welcome to intacs™, the association of all assessors working on the basis of the International Assessor Certification Scheme!


intacs™ is

  • an independent and legally registered not-for-profit association
  • with open and transparent operations in an honorary capacity
  • and global and multilingual presence.



Because of the need to improve on assessment performance, to reduce variations in the quality of assessment results and to make results more comparable, intacs™ was set up in response to requests from industry and international ISO/IEC 15504 experts. The main objective was to ensure high quality assessor qualification in the worldwide community for process assessment according to ISO/IEC 15504.

In order to reach these goals, intacs™

  • sets training and certification standards for ISO/IEC 15504 assessors
  • sets standards for maintaining assessor competence
  • promotes assessment models and community interactions


Industry acceptance

intacs™ is the scheme accepted by the automotive industry and the HIS / VDA AK 13 (working group responsible for defining process requirements for car manufacturers and n-tier suppliers).


Scheme Setup: 3 Types of Independently Interacting Institutions

The intacs work (white box upper left) is done by the Advisory Board, Regional Representatives, and working parties.















intacsTM Guarantees Independence and a Self-Regulating Community

by means of

  • the above 3 types of independently interacting institutions
  • the intacs™ advisory board, the intacs working parties, and Regional Representatives (see below) being staffed by international community members in an honorary capacity.
  • steadily improving the intacs™ requirements and procedures based on collected feedback from the community and industry
  • new assessor / instructor candidates receiving coaching and approval by experienced assessors / trainers.


 intacsTM Advisory Board

¢In an in an honorary capacity, the board members

    • Implement change requests & suggestions from community

  • ¢Conduct arbitration proceedings
  • ¢Supervise and support working parties
  • Assign, and support, Regional Representatives

 intacsTM Regional Representatives

are international individuals, or boards, who in an honorary capacity

  • act as an information interface between intacs™ and the ISO/IEC 15504 community in their local region

  • represent local points of contact for certification bodies and assessors

 intacsTM Working Parties

  • are topic-specific task forces staffed from the international community
  • that work in an honorary capacity on intacs goals 















Dear intacs members, SPICE assessors and friends of intacs!

At the beginning of the new decade, we are pleased to share with you some news that will help you to continue your passion for quality processes.

We have introduced several intacs™ ADD-ONs as valuable extensions for Automotive SPICE®. We will present this new content to the VDA QMC and coordinate its use with our colleagues. These are new additions or application aids for existing models that are supported by intacs™ and are used according to the existing or new rules. We recommend piloting these new intacs™ ADD-ONs and giving us feedback.

We wish you an enjoyable reading and all the best for the year 2020! 

Christian Knüvener, Dr Ganji Rajesh,

intacs info management

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

intacs information letter 2020-01



Newsletter 2018

Please download your copy here

Please download your copy here:   Intacs Newsletter 2017 12


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