The concept behind the new Webpage


This information explains the concept behind this webpage and gives a brief guidance on how to find the information and how to add and maintain information





Joomla is the world most popular content managment system. It is almost table and barrier free and fullfills the legal requirements of web pages for handicaped people issued by the US and the European union.

A Joomla web page has a simple structure:

  1. The Presentation Level
    This is completely independent from the content of the web page. It is defined in the template. Templates can be exchanged with a simple click. The appearance of the total web page changes with the new template. One can find many templates in the web for free download. Some templates allow individual modification.
  2. The Front End
    The front end contains what readers of the web page can see. Modules are defining what is displayed. You have modules called Main Menu, User Menu, Login, Newsflash, Latest News etc, which can be Joomla standard or user defined.
  3. The Back End
    You can enter the Back End by using the Administrator link. If your user has the apropriate authority you will enter the back end. The back end allows you to run system functions, backup, upload of files etc
  4. The role authority concept
    The web page content is classified to be visible for certain user groups only. The following user classification is predefined and currently used.

    Front End Classification:
    a) unregistered: This is was everybody can see
    b) registered: This information is visible for registered users
    c) special: This is visible for active user classificaitons only
    Special classification is subdevided into Authors, Editors and Publisher, which have special authorities related to the content.

    Back End Classificaiton:
    a) Manager: Includes all Front End Classifications plus content related authorities which are only available via the backend.
    b) Administrators: Have the authority to everything.
  5. Extensions
    Additional to the core functionality, the platform can be extended. You can find commercial and open source extensions in the web and integrate it into the platform. Currently the following extension are installed or planned in the near future:
    a) PHOCA Download: This extension allows to supply download functionality (see intacs Downloads)
    b) PHOCA Gallery: Shows photographs on your web page (not activated)
    c) RS Ticket: The intacs Ticket functionality
    d) Contact Directory: Allows professional user management (under test)

Intacs content concept


All articles having the checkbox "frontpage" activated will be shown on the front pag. The sequence of the front page articles is manged from the back end. The default shows the newest entry first. The publisher can define time and duration of an article being shown on the frontpage. All categories are displayed here.


Articles, which should be shown here need to have the section set to FAQs. In general there can be different categories below that. Currently we see no need to separate the FAQs, therefore you can only select "General)

About intacs

All articles telling about intacs on a more general level should be categorized here. In the future we can subdevide this categories in more detail.

Contacst intacs

This give information about how to reach intacs

Community Links

All information shown here is maintained via the "add weblink" option or via the back end. The information is classified below, to allow grouping of the links. For each link text information can be supplied. As an example you can find a group of links for the training proviiders. All accredited training provider are already entered. There is an option to enter a few lines of text for each training provider to characterize the company. This text should be entered by the training providers themselves. Allthough intacs needs to keep an eye on it.


This is a free text search returning a list of articles matching the search criteria.

(to be continued ....)