Analysis of Automotive SPICE PAM V2.4 changes

Analysis of changes of Automotive SPICE PAM V2.4 versus PAM V2.3

Overall the intention of this release is to correct editorial mistakes and clarify some interpretations of the base practices and has a very low impact on the interpretation of the standard. The working group responsible for Automotive SPICE (AutoSIG) will decide on some major changes in October 2008. An additional release is planned for 2009.

  1. Approximately 200 editorial changes like 'Commas, Spelling, Grammar, Wording' - Significance for implementation: None
  2. Better mapping of Base Practices and Output Work Products (13 links added, 1 link removed, 1 additional note) - Significance: low, relevance for experts
  3. Minor Changes:
    a) Elimination of Output Work Product 'Process Performance Report' under ACQ 15 Supplier Qualification - Significance: Low, since implicitly required by level 2 requirements
    b) Note which clarifies the intention of SUP.9 Problem Resolution Management (Process Improvement activities to prevent problems are performed in PIM.3) - Significance: low, Identification of Change Requests remains part of Sup 9 Problem Resolution Management
  4. A significant change seems to be the explicit mentioning of the 'Mechanical' domain in ENG 9 System Integration Test. While implicitly required before, this change could mean that more attention will be placed on requiring representative from the mechanical domain when ENG. 9 topics are being audited.

See also a detailed presentation of changes in the download section