New Process Proposal

New Automotive SPICE® process proposal – ENG.14 Application Parameter Management

What are application parameters?


Application parameters are software variables by which the behaviour of the entire system can be configured and adjusted. Application parameter values are often applied at system level.



A perceived gap in Automotive SPICE


Dealing with application parameter management induces a greater product development complexity. One of the reasons is that their development is usually performed in parallel to ENG.2 until ENG.10 including SUP.3, i.e. there is no distinct point in time. Further, managing activities are affected such as clarifying responsibilities of OEMs and suppliers for specification and flashing of application parameters. Also, application parameters have to be allocated to releases. Finally, application parameters are potentially safety-relevant; in that case requirements of forthcoming ISO DIS 26262 (functional safety for road vehicles) must be fulfilled.


Two approaches for expanding Automotive SPICE have been developed in the community:

1. A new process ENG.14 with new Base Practices, new work products and adaptation of existing work products

2. No new process but additional Base Practices and Notes to existing processes


The approach in (1) has been presented as a technical paper during SPICE Days 2008 in Prague and has already been used in assessments in Germany.


Both proposals have already been submitted to Automotive SIG and VDA AK 13. The current status indicates that application management is going to be be adopted for Automotive SPICE but it has not yet been decided which alternative will be selected.


Attached to this article the reader may find the full process in (1) free for personal use.

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