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Automotive SPICE v3.0 published !

Geschrieben von Pierre Metz am Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2015 18:54.

The WG 13 of the VDA has released Automotive SPICE v3.0 in the context of the VDA Sys Conf on July 16th 2015.

To download and view click here  

Use the same link to find further information in the VDA WG 13 presentation slides about the schedule with respect to

  • availability of updated Provisional & Competent Assessor training course materials
  • qualification of instructors for delivering v3.0 training courses
  • EE1 acceptance during the transition period
  • assessor (re)-certification during the transition period



White Paper on Process Maturity Models (SPICE, CMMI) vs. Agile published!

Geschrieben von Pierre Metz am Dienstag, 05. August 2014 19:48.

Dear community members,  

the white paper, as announced on intacs.info and in the latest intacs newsletter, has been finished.

White Paper Spice and Agile

We would be happy if this contributes to answering frequently asked questions and to clarifying myths with respect to Process Maturity Models (such as SPICE and CMMI) vs Agile. We also hope that it will trigger fruitful discussions and further work. We are looking forward to your feedback !


intacs Rating Guidelines

Geschrieben von Pierre Metz am Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014 13:39.

Dear community,

as you will remember in 2011 and 2013 intacs offered the module "Rating Guidelines" from the Provisional standard course materials for public download.

In the context of the new baseline 7 of those course materials the authros have updated and improved that module. It is now available for free download on

    downloads/PublicationsAndContent/"intacs Rating Guidelines BL7 v3.pdf"




Why should you register with intacs.info?

Geschrieben von Administrator am Freitag, 29. August 2008 08:21.

Benefits for registered users

Your data is safe ! It is used only to protect restricted or confidential intacs data from misusage. All email adresses will be stored encrypted to protect you from SPAM.

Registered users have the following advantages:

  1. Access to the intacs Ticketing system
  2. Access to the full content of Community Links, including list of certified Assessors, certified Instructors, and accredited Training Providers
  3. Access to documents and forms intacs Downloads
  4. Certified assessors can publish their contact data.
  5. Organizations that want to have assessments performed can find all certified Assessors and contact information on intacs.info
  6. Registered Users being intacs certified assessors or having recognized experiences in the fiield of SPICE based assessments are invited to become an author. Authors can supply own articles. Please don't hesitate to contact us after registration, if you like to become an author for intacs.

Don't hesitate to register today !


New Organisational Framework for Gate4SPICE

Geschrieben von Joachim Fleckner am Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011 08:54.

The qualification of all assessors especially regarding their common understanding of the Automotive SPICE norm is a major goal of iNTACS. For several years this goal was supported by the Gate4SPICE board, which held regular meetings for the SPICE community. For the last year nearly no Gate4SPICE activities have been visible. So the iNTACS Executive Board decided to make a new initiative regarding the assessor community. Peter Bölter declared the provision of added value for iNTACS certified assessors as a major goal for 2011.
As a consequence, the Working Group “Assessor Support” was founded and Dr. Joachim Fleckner was appointed to be the leader of this Working Group.

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