Gate4SPICE Global AssessorTEam for SPICE

We organize the experience exchange between assessors!

Next Events:

2018-05-18-Gate4SPICE Event "PAM 3.1 VDA Guideline Part II"

KUGLER MAAG CIE North America Inc. invites for a Gate4SPICE event in Troy (USA) on 17th of May 2018.

2018-06-12-Gate4SPICE Event "Security (VW/Carmeq) UND 17 Jahre A-SPICE ohne Fortschritt? (VW)"

Carmeq GmbH and VW AG invite for a Gate4SPICE event in Berlin on 12th of June 2018.

2018-07-05-Gate4SPICE Event "How agile development in a regulated automotive environment with standards like ISO 26262 and Automotive SPICE works"

KUGLER MAAG CIE GmbH invites for a Gate4SPICE event in Kornwestheim on 05th of July 2018.

2018-07-06-Gate4SPICE Event "Implementation challenges of ASPICE 3.0 in Agile Projects"

Continental Automotive Singapore invites for a Gate4SPICE event in Singapore on 06th of July 2018.

Results are available:

2018-04-10-ASPICE Guideline Blue Gold Book

2018-04-04-Gate4SPICE Event "Assessing Agile Projects"

2018-02-24-Gate4SPICE Event "Automotive SPICE version 3.1 in practice"