2017-05-10-Gate4SPICE Event "Legacy code in Assessment Practice"

Brief description

Continental Automotive GmbH invites you to a Gate4SPICE event in Regensburg on May 10th, 2017. The topic of this event is "Legacy code in Assessment Practice".

This event will be held in English language.

VUCA is the abbreviation for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity patterns in our modern world. It does not seem to be compatible with Automotive SPICE which Assessors see mostly as the opposite of these terms. In an ideal world, projects develop all SW themselves and are fully in charge for all relevant processes.
In a real world we often have to deal with uncertain situations though and “legacy code” is one of it.

Systems are often developed on the basis of evolution, bug fix and reuse. They include undocumented features and requirements, while specifications are not completely documented. Legacy code is the result of this. The trivial approach to establish a full documentation of the legacy code through reengineering and code documentation is often not feasible and not wanted due to exorbitant costs.

Last year Continental hosted a Gate 4 SPICE Meeting to evaluate risks for the handling of such legacy code. The feedback from all participants was overwhelming and showed that Automotive SPICE is very capable to deal with such VUCA world items. It was requested by the majority of participants to have a follow up, soon.

The purpose of this Gate 4 SPICE Event is handling of legacy SW code in the context of Automotive SPICE Assessments. We will summarize last workshop results and prepare for the application of legacy code in assessment practice with workshops, case studies and presentations. Consistent assessment results and conformance with ASPICE 3.0 will be the point for professional discussions. It is also a great chance to meet with other professionals. The Continental Software Supplier Quality Management group will welcome you as host in the Continental Arena in Regensburg.

How to register

Registration is open until 03.05.2017.

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  • Host: Continental Automotive GmbH
  • Responsible for content: Achim Hoenow
  • Site: Continental Arena, 93053 Regensburg
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  • Date: 10.05.2017 from 09:30 h to approx. 17:00 h
  • Maximum number of participants: 35


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